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So to begin the first part of revising Modern Navy Plan this term, I want to recap the so far highlighted issues given over the past roughly 2-3 terms, both from my own note gathering, posts made by others here in EDept, and in private chats I've had in irc/discord. To sum up the major issues so far given for ONLY Modern Navy Plan (aka nothing from SSSF/Milwaukie which we'll get to later...)

1) The first issue highlighted was that as it stands (and past plans like New Navy Plan before it) was that using the guidelines given one could not even create most canon designs of trek lore.
2) Typos were highlighted in reference to the science ship tech allowances, specifically the torpedoes type ranges only being burst fire and not in 'by the book' allowing type 1-3's also
3) Similar to #1 points were made that any ships that were made were all just 'the same' or 'copy paste' of each other with little variation given for each type (though it was similarly admitted that the options were larger vs the older New Navy Plan before it)
4) Points were made on what the point/use of bombers in STF trek lore (and to a lesser point fighters) used for in sims, as well as opinions on their tech ranges vs other Aux craft
5) Points were also made on the limits of Aux Craft warp speeds vs on screen events in both ds9 and voyager (shuttles/etc going say warp 5+ if using the assumed aux warp core chart which was made using the older TNG tech manual so i admit IS out of date now with more established canon lore)
6) Similar to #4/5 points made about tech limits of Aux craft ranges in other categories (personally i think otherwise but i'm listing it here for completion)
7) Some points were suggested about cutting out some of the technical explanation parts in MNP (like phaser explanations etc) and merging them into other areas (ala SSSF/A new document type as a whole/etc)

So from 4/16/2017 till 4/23/17 I want to ask anyone is there any other points that should be added to this list regarding modern navy plan? I'm not yet asking for anything on HOW to fix the highlighted points simply is there any other points that for the coming larger discussion the EDept should consider for modern navy plan not already stated?

Please remember this is SOLELY for at present only modern navy plan, not SSSF or Milwaukie so anything regarding the light/medium/heavy/etc variants or ship type names of observer/surveyor/etc etc etc is not included here. Anyone who has questions comments or concerns during this discussion period please feel free to ask to clarify here or email me at my contact form. Also any active members of the club are welcome to comment in this and future discussions.

Robert Archer EDir

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