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: Posted by Captain T. Morgan (Gamemaster Director / GMT) in GMD Apprentice(s)
: In an attempt to give more members, especially newer members, a chance to progressively learn how a Government Department works and the work involved without being thrown into the deep end as a Department Head, the Gamemaster Department (GMD) are pleased to announce that we will be taking on apprentices this term - with the first apprentice being N Evans (N, welcome to the GMD).
: The GMD apprenticeship program is separate to the GMT program and members who are either non-GMs or not interested in becoming GMs can sign up to join the program (but we do encourage people to consider going through the GMT process, as this will help in understanding the remit of the GMD). While the GMD apprenticeship program is new and thus not fully fleshed out yet, a typical apprentice will learn / be involved in:
: 1). Internal GMD discussions
: 2). Plans to redevelop / expand the STF Reference Manual into a resource area that features species, powers, sim ideas and other information that GMs can freely use in their sims.
: 2). Working with the GMDir to 'check in' with GMTs and their GMMs as they progress through their GMT sim to make sure they are getting the support required / are having fun in the GMT sim.
: 3). Helping GMD staff to update and maintain the GMD Archive & GMD MOTD.
: 4). Plans to expand the list of active GMs in the club / encouraging members to join the GMT program.
: Therefore, we believe the role will give members a chance to understand what the GMD is, what it and the GMDir; AGMDir & Archivist do and will give apprentices the opportunity to take the lead in running a GMD-related project / discussion and thus gain valuable government experience / give something back to the club OOC.
: If you are interested in the program or have any questions, please feel free to contact the GMD
: - TJ
: Gamemaster Director

EDIT: Correcting a typo above.

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