Discussion: How to encourage more people to become GMs on Gamemaster Department

I have been holding off posting this for a few days now, I am not going to lie. I have done so because I am worried how it will be perceived and what it says about our club but as the, current, Gamemaster Director (GMDir) I feel I have a duty to act early and decisively, therefore feel I need to make this post.

Currently, the Gamemaster Department (GMD) has fewer GMs than required to meet the demands of the club and filling vacancies is becoming harder and harder to do, so we need to increase the amount of Gamemaster Trainees (GMTs) and suspend certain restrictions on our current Gamemasters (GMs) if we have any chance of meeting the clubs demands in the future.

Due to this, as GMDir, I am taking the initial two steps:

1). I am, hereby, temporarily suspending GMD Mandate #15, https://www.star-fleet.com/gmd/mandates.html#m15. This means that GMs can serve on as many ships as they feel they can handle without needing ‘special permission’ from the GMD first.

2). I will be, over the coming days, proactively emailing every club member who is not a GM but who has been in the club for more than 6 months and who have the rank of, at least, Lt to see if they would like to be a GM.

In addition to these steps, I am also asking club members to reply to this post / thread with their ideas on how we – the GMD and the club as a whole – can encourage more people to become GMs.

I look forward to reading your ideas and, hopefully, working with you to increase the number of GMs in the club.

- TJ
Gamemaster Director (GMDir).

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