Academy Vacancy - Vice Commandant

As you might've guessed from Edict #11, Adam W. has decided to go be an FComm...In all seriousness though, I wish you all the best Adam! :)

That leaves an opening for Vice Commandant. This is essentially the "assistant" in the Academy. Full training is provided, however, per bylaw rules, the successful candidate will have to have 3 months experience in the Academy (excluding time served as a cadet). Preference is normally given to someone with CO or XO experience in the Academy, but I will consider individuals who have that 3 months Academy experience as a CNS or DH *if* they do have experience as a CO or XO in the main fleets.

If that's you and you're interested in learning how to run the Academy department, please send your application to and be sure to include the following:

1. Your name and relevant experience (indicate to me how you meet the requirements).

2. What interests you about the Academy.

3. What ideas do you have for the department.

4. Any other information you deem relevant enough to include.

This position will remain open until the right candidate is found, but I would appreciate hearing from interested parties no later than July 10th.


Kat, Academy Commandant