CO Opening - USS Atlantis

The Pioneer Fleet has a CO opening on the USS Atlantis. Applications for the position will be accepted from now through July 12th. At a minimum the applicant will need to have prior experience as an XO or a CO in the Main Fleet. We’re looking for a CO who has been and will be reliable and is willing to put in the effort to keep this ship great. In your application, please answer these questions.

Why are you particularly interested in being the CO of the Atlantis?

How do you see yourself working with the crew and command staff currently in place on the ship?

What are your plans for the Atlantis and how does the established theme and character of the ship relate to those plans?

Applicants may apply by e-mailing me at (and you could copy on the e-mail as well). Follow up questions may be asked after the initial application.

Adam W.
Incoming Fleet Commander Pioneer Fleet