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Right so to get things going now on revising things the first part up is the mission profile and sizing category areas of the Milwuakie plan. As was highlighted the big issue from these two starting ones were wording/structure (all across this document actually) which shouldnt take long, and the big thing is how STF handles ship sizing. Currently it does this by crew count, but as we've seen this makes it off kilter with more canon designs. So the idea is now being given in the first suggestion (though others can be made!) on using deck count ranges to define a ship class.

Currently the plan reads as follows:

Mission Profile

All ships are either Primary Vessels, or Support Vessels (See Below). All Primary Vessels have one of three (3) Primary Missions:

Study in depth cool stuff that someone else found; conduct experiments; study natural and artificial phenomenon.
Find new cool stuff; chart out new areas of space; seak out new life and new civilizations; To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before; Command; Diplomatic escort; Diplomatic conduct; Patrol; and various and sundry other general purpose stuff.
Blow stuff up; Keep stuff from being blown up; Patrol to keep out other people who may want to blow stuff up; Help other ships blow stuff up; Protect other ships that are trying to blow stuff up.
Support Vessels have the Primary Mission of assisting other ships in fulfilling their Primary Mission.

Vessel Size

Primary Vessels also come in three convienent sizes; Small, Large, and Super Sized. (No, wait, that's french fries. Starships come in Small, Medium, and Large.)

The size of a ship is determined by its standard crew complement. A class that is close to the borderline between two size classifications may be placed in either size classification as determined by the Engineering Department.

Vessels with a standard crew complement of 175 or less are classified as Small.
Vessels with a standard crew complement of 175 to 600 are classified as Medium.
Vessels with a standard crew complement of 600 or larger are classified as Large.
Vessels with a standard crew compliment of over 1000 are considered friggin' HUGE, but are still classified as Large.


So for these two sections I would like to review word structure and formatting, and then really buckle down on coming up with a new form of ship classification sizing for the new document. This discussion will be open from 7/11/17 till 8/6/17.

Robert Archer EDir

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