Applications for Assistant Engineering Director Open!

As my current AEDir has stepped down due to the evil demands of real life I am now opening a request for applications for a new assistant in the engineering department. Applicants should meet the following desired qualifications: 1) An active member of the club for the past 2 or more months, 2) Be willing to and able to review large documents for correction of a variety of issues, 3) Be able to objectively give constructive feedback both positive and negative on submissions to the EDept, 4) Be willing to learn STF's style of technical engineering mumbo jumbo

Past experience in EDept related matters are not needed, you simply must be willing to be trained and keep a level positive attitude in any discussions or reviews. Applicants should email why they believe they meet these needs including any current or past club experience to robert25archer25 @ (without the two spaces!) I will be accepting applications from 7/18/17 until 8/1/17 or until I feel I have found my ideal assistant.

Thank you! Robert Archer EDir