USS Manhattan Vacancy

Due to real life issues, David Eads has sadly had to step down from the Command Chair of the Manhattan.

As a result, we have an immediate vacancy in the Foremost Fleet for his replacement.

If you are interested, please consider applying.

In your application, please let us know:
* Your name and experience in STF
* Your favourite Star Fleet species and why
* Why you want to captain the Manhattan

No need to submit names of referees, we'll do our own looks into such thing.

We will be looking to put in place a new CO as soon as possible, so please submit your applications as quickly as possible.

THIS HAS BEEN NEWLY ADDED--> Use our contact forms or email us at fcomm1 @ and afcomm1 @ if interested <-- THIS HAS BEEN NEWLY ADDED

Foremost Tribble
on behalf of Kiwi and Tribble