CO Vacancy - USS Viking

With the recent resignation of Sharon Miller a vacancy has been left open for the command seat on the Viking. If you are interested, definitely please consider applying.

In your application please let me/us know:
- Your name and a brief explanation of your experience here in STF
- What are some of your plans for the Viking
- A time where you've been in a difficult situation and found your way out

Because of some of the unique circumstances of the Viking, there are a few preferred qualifications, but they are not requirements. Please, if you do not me these, still go ahead and apply. I will be reviewing all applications on their merits first.
- Current member of the Viking crew
- Previously held a XO/CO position in STF

There is no need to submit references, we can find them just as well. :-)

If you are interested please submit your application as quickly as possible. Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is found, however I know of several people are already interested.

Please submit your application via the contact form (, or directly to either myself or James Harrison.

Steve Johnson
Fleet Commander, Infinite Fleet