CO Opening - USS Chernov

With TJ's recent departure, the USS Chernov is sadly in need for a new Captain again. The Chernov is the clubs one and only Kelvin Universe (Abramverse) ship in the club. I am going to be accepting applications till I feel we have the needed person to fill the role, but the sooner the better with your applications.

What do you need to send to me?

1) Name and club rank. While I do am not capping off the role to a certain rank in the club, I would like the information all the same.

2) Positions held in the club. This includes both positions in ships, as well as any command roles you may have had.

3) Previous CO/XO experience. This like a certain club rank will not be needed, but I am going to be taking all things into account when picking the position.

4) What you like about the ship?

5) Where do you see yourself taking the ship in the future?

You can send all applications to fcomm-5 @ star-fleet . com. Please have attention a header mentioning the Chernov.