September 2017 STF Award Winners on Starfleet Command

I wanted to thank everyone who made it out for the awards. This year Kate and I decided to make some awards to hand out to people, honest to goodness awards. Many people got there awards but for people who missed them or if you just wanna see them they will be under each winner bellow.

~Steven Sigle & Kate O'Neill

Best Ship Class
Winner - Mythology

Best New Engineering Spec
Winner - Hawk-class Heavy Fighter

Best Department MOTD
Winner - Gamesmaster Department

Best RPG-Area MOTD
Winner - USS Genesis

Best Fleet MOTD
Winner - Black Fleet

Best MOTD Designer
Winner - David Shotton

Best Engineering JO
Winner - Lt. (j.g.) Dagen Thor by Gene Gibbs

Best Medical JO
Winner - Lt. (j.g.) Allison Scott by Kate O'Neill

Best Science JO
Winner - Lt. Faye Calloway by Lindsay Bayes

Best Security JO
Winner - David Shotton as Ensign Darius Morgan

Best Engineering DH
Winner - Lt. Cmdr. Jacen Drayke by Steven Sigle

Best Medical DH
Winner - Captain Alexxander Ryley by Cale Reilly

Best Science DH
Winner - Lt. Duncan Rhodes by David Shotton

Best Security DH
Winner - Lt. Commander Jericho Range by Jeremy DeSpain

Best Counselor
Winner - Lt. Commander Jonathan Reez by Steven Sigle

Best Civilianz
Winner - Aeden Teller By Steve Sigle

Best Xfleet JO
Winner - Ensign London Carisi by Emma Burruss

Best Xfleet DH
Winner - Lt. Commander Jake Hunter by Marthese Bugeja

Best Swing JO
Winner - Dave Shotton as Ensign Rovan Moor

Best Swing DH
Winner - Lt Colonel Barber-Tafoya by Tyra Scholl

Executive Officers
Winner - Commander Jack Creed by Steven Sigle

Commanding Officer
Winner - Captain Julien King by Julia Hager

Best Mission
Winner - Skeleton Crew by Gene Gibbs on the USS Viking

Most Evil GameMaster
Winner - Gene Gibbs

Best GameMaster
Winner - Lindsay Bayes

Best Alien Characterization
Winner - Lt. (j.g) Tavmeer Timbre by Jeremy DeSpain

Best Romantic Couple
Winner - Lt. Cmdr. Jessica Vaughn by Kate O'Neill and Aedan Teller by Steven Sigle

Best Use of NEs
Winner - Kate O'Neill

Wackiest Character
Winner - Zoot by Russell Watt

Best Alt-Roleplay Area
Winner - USS Ogawa

Best Ship
Winner - USS Viking

Best Xfleet Roleplay Area
Winner - USS Dauntless

Love Boat
Winner - SS Bonaventure

Motley Crew
Winner - USS Ogawa

Most Promising Newcomer
Winner - James Sinclair

Most Entertaining Member
Winner - Steven Sigle

Best Fleet
Winner - Black Fleet

Best Department
Winner - Game Master Department

Most Valuable Government Contribution
Winner - Joe P

Most Valuable Player
Winner - Cale Reilly

Best STFer
Winner - Joe P

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