Cabinet - Now Accepting Applications

Amber and I are now accepting applications for cabinet positions. If you are interested in being on the cabinet this term, please send us an application by December 10, 2017 with the following information:

-which position(s) you are applying for
-why you are applying for that position
-what experience/skills you have for the position
-if you are applying for a cabinet position that has a bylaw restriction on who can hold that position, how you meet the necessary requirements

If you are currently a cabinet member and wish to stay on, you do not have to submit a full application. Please let us know if you want to stay on and what your plans on for the next term, .

Please keep in mind that it is anticipated that we will be moving to Exodus this term. Although some cabinet positions will be affected more than others, there could be some disruption for everyone during the transition.

Remember that these are applications for cabinet positions only. (MAC, SOX, Librarian and Assistant positions are not part of the cabinet.)

You can send all applications to exec [at] You will get a confirmation from Amber or I that we have recieved your application (so if you don't recieve a confirmation before the deadline, let us know). Again, the deadline is December 10, 2017.

Daniel Lerner