Now Recruiting- GMD Archivist! on Gamemaster Department

We are in need of a person to fill the Archivist position. Its purpose and scope have been altered and it's now a training position for the department. If you are new to the admin side of the GMD and interesting in learning, then this could be an ideal position for you!

Duties include:

-entering all incoming Archive entries
-maintaining the Active/Inactive GMs list in the Archive (includes setting up new/Prospective GMs)
-maintaining the board's GM roster
-help with the Sim Excavation Project (more details about this coming soon)
-other duties in the GMD as experience grows (it is a training role, after all)

**Note: No experience necessary but applicants should be either GMs, GMTs, or Prospective GMs (ie. passed the exam). Applications from those in the process of taking the exam will also be accepted, but follow through on the exam is expected. Basically, we want the person we choose to ideally be a current or future part of the club's GM pool.

Applications will be open till January 20th, 2018. Please email them to gmd[@] (without the brackets).

Any questions, email me at gmdir[@] or catch me in Discord as BusyBeaver (or similar).


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