Tech Submission - SPaRTA System - Review Period 01/12/18 - 02/02/18

THIS IS SPARTA! RAWR! .....ahem, sorry got carried away by 300 memories for a second there! To start things off this term while I finalize plans, notes, and such for continuing last term's discussions. Levon Johnson has brought us a small tech submission I felt was good to do in review. It is a launching adapter system for ships with normal torpedo/probe launchers to fire the micro or mini options normally requiring their own dedicated ones, like we see in ds9 and voyager. The review period will be from 01/12/18 till 02/02/18 open to all active stf members.

The link for it can be found here,

Specifically we're looking for folks to review, the tech validity as used in trek lore for main fleet use (late tng era currently 2394 atm!). And for any spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. All forms of input though are welcome during this period.

Robert Archer EDir