Office of the President - LOA Guidelines on Starfleet Command

It has started becoming a bit noticeable that we're fallingl into some bad habits with how we're declaring LOAs. Besides being important to declare LOAs if you think you are going to be away longer than the posting requirements or responsibilities for your ship or club position, it is also important to remember what information to provide when declaring and LOA and who to tell. Fellow players and members, as well as COs, GMs, and FComms have to plan around a person's LOA, so it's important to know what to do when declaring an LOA.

Therefore, I'm posting the following guidelines. Mentors and COs are encouraged to help new members learn about these guidelines, as well as remind the occasional experienced member who forgets.

1) An LOA (Leave of Absence) *must* be declared if a member thinks they are going to be away from the club for a sufficient amount of time such that they will miss their posting requirement for a ship they are a player on, or if their absence will cause them to not be able to follow up on the responsibilities of a position they hold in the club.

2) The club's formal policy on LOAs and absences from the club can be found here: Just a reminder, an LOA is a declared absence from the club for less than 30 days. An LOA that is longer than 30 days is an eLOA (extended LOA). An LOA with no declared end date is an iLOA (indefinite LOA). Members on an eLOA or an iLOA are not guaranteed to retain their position(s) in the club, which is the subject of the discretion of the CO, FComm, QDir or President as the case may be. Multiple LOAs within a short time-frame by a CO or XO may result in removal from that position as well.

3) It is important to note the end-date of an LOA when declaring an LOA. Your fellow members, COs and GMs need to know if you will be away for a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. If you're not 100% sure when your LOA is finished, err on the side of caution, and let your CO know you may be back earlier. COs and FComms are authorized to treat any LOA with no stated end date as an indefinite LOA (which means you risk losing your position(s)).

4) When declaring LOAs, please notify your CO - either by email or by a post on the ship. COs, please notify your FComm. For government positions, please notify your QDir or FComm. For cabinet and EA positions, please notify the President. Once we move to Exodus there may also be a tool to assist in declaring LOAs, but I'll not get into that now. Until then, subject to your ship's practice, you may want to consider modifying your character name to reflect tte LOA and end date (although some COs/XOs take that task upon themselves).

5) If you need to extend an LOA, again please notify your CO (or FComm, QDir or the President depending on the position). However, where possible try to do your best to estimate the time you need when declaring an LOA.

6) If a CO is taking an LOA while their XO is on an LOA, or vice-versa, please discuss with your FComm ahead time to arrange for the appointment of an aCO. If an FComm/QDir is taking an LOA at the same as their assistant, or vice-versa, please discuss with the President ahead of time to ensure someone taking care of the fleet command or department's responsibilities. If a Executive Assistant is declaring an LOA, please discuss with the President ahead of time if there are any responsibilities that will need to be covered.

6) Generally speaking, it is neither neccesary nor required for members to declare their LOAs on the Command board, provided the ship's CO has been notified. The only exceptions are the Executive, Cabinet members, assistants filling in for absent Cabinet members, Executive Assistants, and members of EGO. In addition, if a person is declaring an LOA on behalf of someone else and are unsure of which COs to contact, a post in Command may make sense. However, not all COs read the Command board, so a Command post about an LOA is often of limited benefit.

7) "pLOAs" (partial LOAs) are not officially recognized by the club. Individual COs may or may rely on them on their ship, but FComms will treat pLOAs as an LOA, with the usual rules about end dates (and the rule regarding how often LOAs are being taken by a CO/XO in a short time-frame).

Daniel Lerner

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