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**Sim Excavation Project (SEP)**

What is it?

This project is an attempt to fill in the gaps in the Amanda Noon Archive.

This repository of our sims is more than just that, it’s an IC history of our ships, fleets and the club itself. Not only is the Archive important for GMs to have a record of their sims (so we can give them much deserved promotions in GM rank), but COs and other players can learn about their ships and get a feel for the ‘vibe of it’ when they join. It allows you a snapshot at the kind of ships we have, what sort of sims they tend to run and see how they have evolved to be what they are.

The basic idea of the project is that volunteers will be given ‘assignments’ where we are missing information. Sometimes it’s the end date to a sim (we means we can’t close out the sim and GM record accordingly) or sometimes there are whole gaps of time where we have no sim info for a given ship. Some ships have multiple issues over the years. We also would like at least a brief sim summary from those sims that don’t have one, if we can get it.

Currently (in what you could call a Phase 1), we are only focusing our efforts on sims that occurred from the change to WebbSpace (in 2008) to the present. This is actually a bit time sensitive, as we want to try to gather the data before the change to Exodus, if at all possible (before we have to worry about the current site going into an archived state). Right now the site is at the most navigable that it’s going to be.

So! We need you to volunteer!

I will be giving each volunteer detailed instructions on how to navigate the site beyond the previous year (what the boards automatically allow you to see) and how to track down the very specific info that we need. Some of the info we are missing could include sim names, start dates, end dates and a summary. Not all sims have names that were mentioned on the boards, in which case we use ‘Untitled’ as a substitute.

Do you have a favourite ship in the club? Maybe you were on it years ago, or maybe you are on it now and would love to read sims from before you joined. Having done this exercise myself for the Ogawa, I can say that it’s actually a lot of fun to sift through the old sims and see what people got up to. As a bonus, depending on if you on the ship at that time, you might even come across your own old threads that you have forgotten about, which, especially if you still play that character, can be great for your current character development to remember.

Also: I’ll be doing some quick tutorials on Discord voice chat to those that want me to walk through it. More info to come.
The caveat: this does require some time and commitment. We’re on a fairly short deadline and you’ll need to be able to volunteer at least a few hours in order to make this work. However, the ‘assignments’ vary in time commitments and I expect that I will be able to find something for everyone who wants to help, even if they don't have a lot of time.

If you’ve made it this far and are still interested check out the following list and email me at gmdir[@] stating which ship you are interested in AND if you have LESS time or MORE time to commit. I’ll email you back with an assignment and clear instructions.

**Ship Assignments:** (Names in brackets are former names also with ‘assignments’)

SS Bonaventure
USS Asimov

Outpost 42

USS Olinski
USS Odin
USS Chernov

USS Merrimack
USS Olympic
USS Wolverine (Vanguard)

Starbase Magellan (Outpost 45)
USS Constellation
USS Chimera (Montgomery)

USS Challenger
USS Discovery

Thank you all so much in advance for helping us preserve the sim legacy of the club!

~Linds, GMDir

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