Marketing and Advertising Coordinator Needed

STF is looking for a new Marketing and Advertising Coordinator (MAC). MAC is a semi-permanent Executive Assistant, whose responsibilities are listed here:

As a semi-permanent position, MAC is *not* a training position or a position to just get more experience in STF. It has very specific responsibilities and duties, and the holder of the position is expected to have a certain amount of relevant experience and/or real-world skills in this area. Executive Assistant positions are not automatically replaced at the start of each presidential term, and the individual filling the role of MAC is expected to hold the position in a long-term capacity for the club.

At a minimum, we are currently looking for someone, beyond just the general responsibilities set out in the link above, who can specifically do the following for STF:

1) Develop a marketing plan or strategy, and work with the executive and other departments to develop different ideas to implement that plan or strategy
2) Coordinate with the various departments and TECH to obtain resources to help market and advertise STF
3) Develop a "landing page" for STF that is consistent with the marketing plan or strategy, and coordinate with TECH as needed.
4) Recruit and organize volunteers to represent STF in RPG and Star Trek discussions, forums and conventions
5) Assist STF members to represent STF in various RPG awards, and to ensure that awards STF have won are properly promoted
6) Promote and increase STF’s social media presence (both within our current resources and exploring expanding to other platforms).

The person appointed to MAC may appoint an Assistant Marketing and Advertising Coordinator in a training role, who can also assist with some of the responsibilities.

It is important to note that unlike some other government positions, while STF role-playing experience, governance and leadership are useful qualities for MAC, it is not an absolute requirement provided that the person applying has the necessary experience and/or real-world skills for the position.

Due to the semi-permanent nature of the position, applications will be accepted for an extended two-week period, closing on February 3, 2018. All applications should be sent to exec [at]

Daniel Lerner