CO Vacancy - S.S. Bonaventure

Have you ever dreamed of becoming one of Starfleets first great explorers? Being the first to visit a far away star system or encounter a new species?

Have you been told about the militaristic Andorians, obnoxious Tellarites, dangerous Naussicans but never seen one in the flesh? Are Vulcans all you associate with aliens? Do you have the drive and courage to go where, literally, no Human has gone before?

Now YOU may be that lucky somebody to have these dreams and questions answered! Apply within to myself, FCOMM1 at star-fleet dot com, or through my contact page, for your lucky chance to be someone other Captains can only follow in the footsteps of!

The S.S. Bonaventure is of course looking for a Captain. That intrepid man or woman who has what it takes to lead these brave explorers into this big new galaxy before us. She is a special ship with special requirements, and it's that person with that special something I am looking for. She is the clubs ONLY Enterprise (Jonathan Archer) Era Starship. Just apply and answer these simple few questions:

Who is your favourite character from Enterprise? Why?
Why do you want to be Captain of the Bonnie?
What experience do you Have?
What is the weapon used In this era called?
What are your plans to maintain the unique environment and high standards of the Bonnie?

For any questions feel free to email, or to discuss directly you can find me on discord under FCapt Kiwi.

Applications close in seven days or when a suitable applicant is decided upon, should that happen first.

Fleet Captain David 'Kiwi' Shotton
FComm Foremost Fleet
First into Battle... First in our Hearts