There is an opportunity for someone to take part in a new position Steven and I are establishing within the Meridian fleet for the remainder of this term.

The position title is Fleet Command Assistant and is open to anyone who is currently or has been a DH in the meridian fleet to apply.

Basically the role will give the succesful applicant a chance to see how the fleet command roles work and gain some hands on experience in being part of the fleet administrative team.

In order to apply please send an email to The Fcomm or AFComm email forwards or email me directly using my contact form. Explain why you would like the role and what makes you eligible (what ship and DH position have you served on.) please also provide the name of two current club members who will be willing to act as reference for you. One of which should be a CO or XO.

We will be accepting applications until next weekend, Saturday 10th of February, any questions please contact myself or Steven.

Thank you