CO Vacancy - U.S.S. Aztec

After many years at the helm, Kenson is stepping down from his role as CO of the U.S.S. Aztec. Applications are now open for a driven individual with a desire to run a ship and look out for the Roleplay interests of her crew. The Aztec is a Slow paced ship who's missions often focus on fun and the crew, although all of this is open to development with a new CO.

All Applications are welcome although preference may be given to those with previous CO or XO experience. Please send your applications to myself at (fcomm1 at and Walker S at (afcomm1 at

In your application please include the following:

What Experience do you have as a CO or XO if any, and your current club rank?
What are your plans for recruitment and making sure the DH's and other crew are able to meet posting limits and stay involved?
How would you make the Aztec a ship people want to RP on?
What is your ideal ship and style of Sim?
Looking at the MOTD, how would you like to improve on it, if any improvement is needed?

Other questions will be put forward once the initial application is received, the End Date for applications is the 19th of February.

Fleet Captain David 'Kiwi' Shotton
FComm Foremost Fleet