Proposal : Ship Metric modifications on Starfleet Command

Proposal : Modification to the procedure for fleet reporting govening roleplay areas

Proposal : I hereby propose changing the self and peer rating system to a two rating based system. The first being a objective method for guaging frequency of posting, hereto refered as the Sim/Ship Strength Rating or SSR. The SSR is measured by measured in real time on the Master Roster by taking the total posts and dividing it by the number of members on said ship. Each SSR to reset at the end of every calendar month.

The second rating is to be a slight modification of the current self rated system but it's focus would be shifted to guaging the quality of the interactions between the designated groupings of players (IE Command, DH and JO's)

These two metrics could then possibly be used to generate a overall ship rating by averaging the two numbres (ships with SSR's over or under ten could be converted into a percentage) FComm's would then be responsible not only for reporting these metrics but each ship based upon it's stated activity level would have minimum benchmarks established. For example if each ship fails to meet it benchmark 2 months in a row or more then 2 months in any four month period non-consecutively the FComm will be required to do a thorough review to establish problems and enact required change to enable RPE to pass it's benchmarks.

Discussion: Why do this, many ships seem to do well enough as is, with periods of inactivity based upon seasonal issues like at christmas. Well thsi proposal is about quantifying where and what the weak areas are. The first step towards realistic and effective problem solving is in quantifying the prpoblem itself and the current rating system is too subjective to readily accomplish that. We need not only to be focusing on maintaining posting numbers but looking at how to improve the quality of every post within the club.

This club is a WRITING RPG CLUB, that writes about Star Trek. The fun comes from writing in character. Better writing more often means better enjoyability for our members. Which in turn means they are more likely to stay and keep on writing.

With Regards,

-- Fleet Captain Matthew Bernardin, TECH

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