LOA Guidelines

I am re-linking to my previously posted LOA Guidelines as I think a reminder might be useful. The Guidelines can be found here: https://www.star-fleet.com/webb/node/860551, and the formal bylaw can be found here: https://www.star-fleet.com/library/bookshelf/charters/charter-moo.html#i....

Couple key points:

1) There's not a lot of assistance in declaring "pLOAs". pLOAs are treated the same as regular LOAs, including how frequent LOAs are treated.

2) It is *not* necessary or required to post LOAs in Command (and is not a substitute from letting your COs know, etc.), and is generally not 100% helpful as (a) not everyone reads Command, and (b) if everyone started posting their LOAs in Command things might get a little crazy... The only exception to this is Executive, the Cabinet, assistants who are currently filling in for a cabinet member, Executive Assistants and members of EGO - all of whom should let Command know when they are on an LOA. Command may also be useful to post an LOA on behalf of someone else if you are not sure who else to notify.

3) LOAs should have an end-date noted. Otherwise they are treated as iLOAs (indefinite LOAs)...

Daniel Lerner