TECH Announcement : Change in operational procedure regarding work requests/bug reports on Starfleet Command

Greetings fellow STF'ers

Some of you may have noticed that lately tech and some individual members of tech have been more insistent about using the tech forward for official communication and what constitutes offical communication.

In a bid to smoothe your experience, be more professional and not let work slip through the cracks we've implimented a STF Ticketing system as it's become clear over time that the email system isn't working as intended. Not just from a TECH perspective but from a membership perspective. Email is prone to failures like reading a work request and then forgetting about it. In short email is really good for notifying that you guys need us to do something.

What it's not good at is after that, with tracking of who is doing what and when bit. What part of the process a particular issue/bug/whatsamajiggy is at. In short email doesn't help us to manage your expectations when reporting problems.

For example, Dan the president logged a problem with the mail forwards recently and cause this was a fairly bizarre bug outside of the general realm of experience, this bug required indepth investigation, research and testing.

Now Dan had no way to know this without us emailing him, he didn't even know we'd recieved and were even looking into it and had to ask later on. Whereas the tracking system will have status's, whos working on them, notes, and emails you updates on your issue as we log them. In short it's much more benefical and transparent vs now where you send an email and then you don't know about the outcome until you get a problem solved or a request for more info response.

This is also needed for the Exodus rollout, as having people DM or email us constantly about bugs, problems without clear boundaries causes problems.. We're people too and when we're on and interacting in chat we're in downtime mode. Plus as has been proven through Exodus development, internal bug tracking software is much more efficient and speedy in getting issues resolved then hanging around chat or emailing.

The tracker is available at

Only tech will have user accounts, as you don't need them to lodge a ticket. All status updates are emailed directly to your email address so there's no need for one.

The tracker distinguishes between issues and their severity, questions, work requests and suggestions/feature requests. It also enables you to select what part of stf your problem pretains to, whether your a regular member with regular member issues or a specific department and so on.

Fleet Captain Matt Bernardin, TECH

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