Ship Designers And Technology Submissions Sought!

Do you have an idea for a possible new ship submission? Or perhaps a germ of new technology which is different then the norm? Or perhaps a new take on older technology?

If you are an active member of the club, and feel like stretching your wings in how you participate beyond simply roleplaying on our fine ships. STF's engineering department would love to hear from you on those ideas!

While not every idea can find an inclusion due to different limitations, we're always looking for new insights, or ideas to provide more tools, toys, and dangers for not just club members to use in their sims or on what they play on, but also new evil ways for GMs to cause havoc and fun!

If this seems like something you would like to get more information on please feel free to contact me (Robert Archer, current term Engineering Director!) at robert25archer25 @ (without the spaces!) or hit me up on Discord by a private message from any nickname that has a Roach in it!

Robert Archer EDir