STF Awards June 2018

It's that time of the year ladies and gentlemen, the STF awards are going to be rolling out. Nominations are going to be opening soon, and with that the wonderful time of the year where we all gather and tell each other just how great I am, I mean give out awards to those who worked hard in the club, but in posts and in government. I want everyone to be thinking on potential new candidates to nominate.

Now this year there is going to be some new aspects to the awards. The first change is we are going to be giving a FAQ guide on what rules and regulations the awards have. Each year people have questions on how nominations and votes are processed, we are wanting to eliminate any confusion and give a more transparent view into the making of the awards and just how they work.

Second, we are going to be giving a chance for the first time for people to showcase their skills. All people who become nominated for a role playing category will be nominated before the nominations are announced. We want you to be aware of this cause you will be giving 48 hours to pick your best post for your character you were nominated for. If you choose to give us a post to showcase, links will be provided to let people view your excerpts and be able to read just what people saw in you that made you worthy of these nominations.

As a Reminder whatever post you pick needs to be in the time frame of the current awards, which is September 2017 - June 2018. You cannot pick from pieces outside of this time frame.

Also, like last year special awards will be giving out to each winner for you to keep in your trophy case. If you have any questions you can email me at through my contact page. Lets keep things light and fun and thank you all for joining us for the awards this year. Time and dates for awards will be determined later.

~Steven Sigle and Kate O'Neill, STF Awards Coordinators