STF Awards June 2018 Nominations

As announced earlier in the week, the STF awards are back and we have some brand new features we are trying to do use in order to give a better experience. For those that remember last year, we started our new awards we gave out to winners. Every winner got a personalized PDF for them to have and keep, and this year is going to be no exception. Besides giving out shiny new awards to everyone we are trying to address some things many people have found lacking in the awards. Our newest feature we are doing is a RP excerpts. All nominees who make it to the ballot are going to receive an email as soon as we finalize the list. What we are wanting everyone to do is give us an small excerpt that showcases what you feel is your best work, as well as a link to the post. You will be giving 48 hours to send us these replies, so please look out for your email. As a reminder, sometimes emails may get sent to junk mail so please check all of your folders.

Now why are we doing this? Our goals is to allow people a chance to let people show off their skills, we are a written RP site after all. We hope people will read these excerpts and pick who they truly feel is the best. We often hear the awards is a popularity contest. While we can't force people to not just pick who they like the most, we can give people a chance to at least let themselves shine and show just how amazing they truly are. We hope everyone who gets on the ballot will take this seriously and help us usher in the awards into a new era.

On top of this, we are also trying to let people know that every nomination, every vote matters. I have done the awards three times running now, and I have noticed each term so many people choose to not nominate everyone, or not vote for but just a few people. We want people to truly seek out and find new people to nominate, and to read the excerpts of we receive and make choices based on who you feel is truly best. The awards are only as good as the effort everyone puts into it.

Now another new feature we are doing, is an awards FAQ. Many people each year wonder why certain things happen for the awards. The awards do not fall under any government control, so as of such we never really have had any of our guidelines shown for people to read. This stops now, we want people to have a little transparency and understanding of just all the effort that goes into the awards, and why certain things happen the way they do.

I hope everyone enjoys the awards this year more than ever, and I hope to see you all when the awards happen. Please remember every nomination and every vote counts. Any questions about anything, feel free to contact myself or Kate O'Neill either in Discord or through our contact pages.


Nomination Form:

STF Awards FAQ:

~Steven Sigle & Kate O'Neill, Award Hosts