STF Awards June 2018 Winners on Ten Forward Lounge

I wanted to thank everyone who came enjoyed the awards, and I want to thank all the nominees who helped out by giving us such wonderful excerpts to let you all read. Last I want to give a congratulations to all the winners for all the hard work you do to make the club so amazing through your hard work both OOC and IC.

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Best Ship Class

Winner - Mythology Class

Best New Engineering Spec

Winner - SPARTA Launcher

Best Department MOTD

Winner - Gamesmaster Department

Best RPG-Area MOTD

Winner - USS Ogawa

Best Fleet MOTD

Winner - Black Fleet

Best MOTD Designer

Winner - Lindsay Bayes

Best Engineering JO

Winner - Lt. (j.g.) Chi Bellator Matier of the USS Chernov by Chelsea Sweitzer

Best Medical JO

Winner - Lt. Allison Scott of the USS Ogawa by Kate O'Neill

Best Science JO

Winner - Lt. (j.g.) Toveka Brine on Outpost 42 by Melissa Aragon

Best Security JO

Winner - Ensign Ben Park of the USS Genesis by AJ Paulson

Best Engineering DH

Winner- Lt. Commander Jacen Drayke of the USS Atlantis by Steven Sigle

Best Medical DH

Winner - Lt. Jasmine Wynter of the USS Manhattan by Kate O'Neill

Best Science DH

Winner - Lt. (j.g.) Draddok Ahearn on the USS Wolverine by James Sinclair

Best Security DH

Winner - Lt. Commander Jerricho Range of the USS Europa by Jeremy DeSpain

Best Counselor

Winner - Lt. Commander Jonathan Reez of the USS Ogawa by Steven Sigle

Best Civilian

Winner - Aedan Teller CEO of OMAP Industries on Outpost by Steven Sigle

Best Xfleet JO

Winner - Lt. (j.g.) Fenix USS Dauntless by Liam Schoepp

Best Xfleet Senior Crew

Winner - Commander Si'Rek of the USS Dauntless by James Sinclair

Best Swing JO

Winner - Lt. Oviwhaan Que'innovi of the USS Bonaventure by Jermey DeSpain

Best Swing DH

Winner - Lt. Celina Rodriguez of the USS Manhattan by Kate O'Neill

Executive Officers

Winner - Commander Ardashir "Jack" Creed of the USS Manhattan by Steve Sigle

Commanding Officer

Winner - Captain Ghubari Koraia of the USS Athena by Lindsay Bayes

Best Mission

Winner - On The Edge Of Forever: USS Athena - by Ian Kerby

Most Evil GameMaster

Winner - Gene Gibbs

Best GameMaster

Winner - Lindsay Bayes

Best Alien Characterization

Winner - Lt. Commander Relann Fell of the USS Atlantis – by Lindsay Bayes

Best Romantic Couple

Winner - Captain Kelly Schultz and Lt. Ian Bordeoux of the USS Atlantis by Steven Sigle and Kate O’Neil

Best Use of NEs

Winner - Lindsay Bayes

Wackiest Character

Winner - Lt. (j.g.) Solomon Kane of the USS Chernov - by James Sinclair

Best Alt-Roleplay Area

Winner - Oed V

Best Ship

Winner - USS Genesis

Best Xfleet Roleplay Area

Winner - USS Dauntless

Love Boat

Winner - USS Manhattan

Motley Crew

Winner - USS Manhattan

Most Promising Newcomer

Winner - Sam Pennington

Most Entertaining Member

Winner - Kate O'Neill

Best Fleet

Winner - Black Fleet

Best Department

Winner - Gamemaster Department

Most Valuable Government Contribution

Winner - Exodus

Most Valuable Player

Winner - Jeremy DeSpain

Best STFer

Winner - Lindsay Bayes

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