Mentorship Program Discussion on Starfleet Academy

So, as you might know, we have moved the mentorship program to exclusively within the Academy.

Now, according to Lerner Bill #3 (, the Academy will be required to:

"The Academy shall be responsible for creating a set of standards and qualifications for a member to become a mentor and remain a mentor, including whether there can be any exceptions and who approves those exceptions. The Academy shall ensure a balance is maintained between having highly qualified mentors and ensuring that there are enough mentors for the needs of the club."

We want your assistance in this, I'd like to have a good honest discussion what what has worked well in the past and maybe what hasn't, as well as suggestions on what we might try to make better.

So to that end, I think we need to discuss the following questions:

1. What has been done in the past that has worked well?
2. What hasn't been done very well?
3. What should the Academy be doing?

In the interest of clarity, please do include as much detail as to why you feel the way you do about the answers you're giving. It may seem obvious as the colour of the sky to you, but to others it may be less obvious, so the more detail you provide the better able we are able to understand your position.

Ideally, I'd like this discussion to remain fully active for about one month, after which I'll draft the Academy policy based upon it, however if there's still some clear ongoing discussion, I may extend this and I will of course announce that. So for now, the discussion is slated to close around July 10th. In light of the Exodus migration, I will take responsibility for ensuring key elements of this discussion are saved and reposted on the new system.

So let's hear it folks. :)

Academy Commandant

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