1st Fleet - The Foremost Fleet

Fleet 1
Fleet Commander
   Fleet Captain David Shotton
Assistant Fleet Commander
   Lieutenant Commander Walker S

Welcome to The Foremost Fleet

That is a Terrible Idea....When do we start? - Random Wise Person

Welcome to the Fleet 1, STF's First and Foremost Fleet. Historically, though, it was not the first STF fleet (that paradoxical title goes to now defunct Great White Fleet). Our Fleet currently has five ships: the USS Ark Angel, the SS Bonaventure, the USS Aztec, the USS Asimov and the USS Manhattan.

Fleet News

January 2018- Matt Wiseman steps down as CO on the Bonnie, Melissa Aragon appointed Acting Captain

December 2017- Melissa Aragon promoted to Lt Cmdr appointed XO of the U.S.S. Bonaventure, Congratulations

December 2017- Lieutenant Commander Walker S Appointed aFcomm, Congratulations

December 2017- Fleet Captain David Shotton appointed (Retained) as Fleet Commander

December 2017- Congratulations to Daniel Lerner and Amber Hagan, the new President and VP of STF!

October 2017- The Emma's have been concluded, congratulations to all the Winners!

September 2017- Amber Hagan appointed AFComm of Foremost Fleet

September 2017- Russell Watt steps down as FComm, David Shotton appointed Fleet Commander

July 2017- Philip Graham Appointed CO of the Manhattan

May 2017- Amanda Mercer is promoted to Commander and appointed XO on the Bonaventure

May 2017- Matthew Wiseman is promoted to Captain and appointed Commanding Officer of the SS Bonaventure!

May 2017- David Eads is promoted to Captain and appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Manhattan!

April 2017- David Shotton's XO character on the USS Asimov promoted to Commander!

April 2017- USS Aztec officially becomes a slow posting ship with agreement between CO Kenson Koh and FComm Russell Watt!

USS Ark Angel
CO: Robert Archer
XO: Kirt Gartner
GM: Robert Archer
Speed: Average
Vacancies: None at this time
The USS Ark Angel is a Mythology Class Deep Space Explorer. Its missions entail exploration, first contact, and scientific survey work with a healthy mix of combat, mystery and intrigue.
USS Asimov
CO: Tyra Schroll
XO: David Shotton
GM: Jason Y. Lee
Speed: Slow
Vacancies: Chief Medical Officer, Assorted JO's
The Asimov is a Chandley Class Light Cruiser boasting a relaxed (5/7/10) posting speed. It focuses on detailed sims, while supporting STFers who may not have the time to post on frequent posting ships.

USS Aztec
CO: Kenson Koh
XO: Nathan Derricutt
GM: Tyra Schroll
Speed: Slow
Vacancies: JOs in all Departments
The Aztec is a Victoria Class ship. Its missions involve having fun and are normally flexible and crew-centric in their nature.
SS Bonaventure
XO: Melissa Aragon
GM: Phillip Graham
Speed: Average
Vacancies: None at this time
The Bonaventure (Bonny / Bonnie) is the STF's only Enterprise (Jonathan Archer) Era ship. Its missions place a great emphasis on character building and involve exploration and adventure elements.
USS Manhattan
CO: Philip Graham
XO: Steven Sigle
GM: Tyra Schroll
Speed: Average
Vacancies: None at this time
The Manhattan is the lead ship of its class. Its missions involve character driven stories and exploration of the unknown.