Commanding Officer's Notes

Captain Johann Dvorak

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Executive Officer's Notes


Available as Fallen or Fallenreaper within the IRC.

Welcome to the Europa and if you ever need to get in contact with me and I'm not on the IRC, shoot me an Email.

The sim is just starting. I will endeavour to remember to provide regular updates.

Tyra Schroll as Gremlin Mouse

Rite of Passage. Having just come off a mission that left several crew members dead, and the ship in need of repairs. Limping back to Black Rock for much needed repairs and a few days down time. In the middle of this, Captain Dvorak is called to the office of one of the Starbase Admirals for a new mission. A pretty straight forward mission, seeing if the Dee'anh's are truely ready to join the Federation. What happens next well...who knows.

Important Character: Admiral Aron Romano- Star Fleet Admiral in charge of new members. He's been in Star Fleet for 40 years and is ready to retire. This will be his crowning glory to solidify a trade agreement with the Dee'Anhs. Four Gremlin Whelps: 1. Chuffy Lickwound 2. Mogmurch 3. Poog 4. Reta Bigbad Elma Pondbottom-Gremlin nursery monitor. She has been raising the whelps in their maturation cages and they are now ready to join the older gremlins. Goman Evergreen- He is the leader of the Dee'anh species in this sector. He is the one that contacted Star Fleet about a trade agreement and joining the Federation. Doceen-Head of Sciences Malcom- Head of Security D'anh- Head of Medical services Poshal- Head of Engineering.'Ahn's_species (This is what the species actually looks like.)

Current Orders
Department Heads and their Orders
Medical Engineering Science

Zeke Drake


Steven Leon Marsh

How are our wounded doing?

Congrats, you're now the GM

Assist Security with, you know, that thing.

Security Counseling Away Team

Jerricho Range

Siennadye Nox


You should figure out, you know, the thing.

Welcome. Please explain your bizarre origin.

Dvorak, Avik, Range, Marsh, Drake, Nox, Mikola, Abrams

Other Information
AWOL Policies

Command Staff (CO, XO, GM) - 2 days
Department Heads (COS, CSO, CMO, CNS, CE) - 3 days
Junior Officers - 4 days


Going on LOA? Mail the CO and XO So we can make note of it on your character.

Non Rostered Characters

Ensign Kayla Lazarus, Doctor -- Mike Montemayor

Ship Class

The USS Europa, NCC-87125 is a Discovery-Class Medium Observer

CaptainJohann DvorakCOHuman5'8174Joe P LOA until June 15
Lt. Cmdr.AvikXOVulcan5'6154Janice B
LieutenantSteven Leon MarshChief Science OfficerHuman6'1182Luke Hung
Lieut (j.g.)Vora ZorellScientistTenraith6'0148 lbsLindsay Bayes
EnsignAndré MontanariScientistHuman1.89 m80 kgLevon Johnson
LieutenantZeke Drake Chief Medical OfficerHuman5'10"160 lbsMike Montemayor
Lieut (j.g.)Lake HolwayDoctorHuman5'5"130D Grisham
Lieut (j.g.)Lukita LantaDoctorTrill5’3”/161 cm109 lbs/49 kgLeah McN
Lt. Cmdr.Jerricho RangeChief of SecurityBetazoid6'5"225 lbsJeremy DeSpain
EnsignCassidy AbramsSecurity OfficerHuman5'10146 lbsLindsay Bayes
LieutenantMatt WisemanChief EngineerHuman/Vulcan 6'8"200 lbsMatthew Wiseman
EnsignAthriel Mikola EngineerHuman5'2"136 lbsEmma Burruss
LieutenantSiennadye NoxCounselorBetazoid5'5"115 lbsAmber DeSadier
CommodoreGremlins MouseGamemasterSometimes you can't ignore things thatGoBumpTyra Schroll