USS Turing

CO's Notes

Red Captain's Collar
Steve Johnson (Sarah Allen)

Welcome to the Chimera!

It's great to be the Captain of this awesome ship!

If you ever need anything let me know via my Contact Form.

I'll be keeping an eye on the Master Roster

Keep in mind the posting limits: For CO, XO and GM 3 days, DH including the CNS have 5 days and JOs and Swings have 7 days.

I'll be shooting emails if you go over this time and another notice after two days, please keep in mind the limits.

XO's Notes

Red Commander's Collar
Tyra Schroll (LtCmdr Amy Prescott)
Hello folks! I am excited to be XO here and able to give Steve a hand. Rob is a great GM and I am sure he's been keeping you busy. I'll need a few days to get caught up but my door is always open if you need anything.

GM's Notes

GM's Collar
Luke Hung

Welcome Luke! Simm updates are coming soon!


Yellow Lt Cmd
Heather Argeneau
There is a hole in the ship!


Teal Ltjg
Marlene Judas
Heal the injured!


Yellow Lt
Charles Tenkiller
Shoot them! Shoot them all!


Teal Lt
Detect something or another.


Kaylia Strenvale
Taking applications for a good sharp shooter.

Useful Links

CaptainSarah AllenCOHuman5'2"110 lbsSteve Johnson
Lt. Cmdr.Amy PrescottXOHuman5'2115Tyra Schroll LOA 3/23
LieutenantLiam Nelson GrahamChief Intell Officer, LOAAmanda Mercer
Lieut (j.g.)Heather ArgeneauChief EngineerAltered Altantean5,6125lbsSara Rastellini
Lieut (j.g.)Charles TenkillerChief of SecurityHuman - Native American (Osage)6'2"196 lbs.James Sinclair
Mar. CaptainKaylia StrenvaleMarine COGenetically Altered Half-Caitian5'9"131lbsSean Bigbee
LieutenantAriea Leigha Grace Chief Medical OfficerHuman/Betazoid5'1"145 lbsAmanda Mercer
Lieut (j.g.)JarvanChief Science OfficerBetazoidRafael Labaragur
2nd LieutenantKate HawkinsMarine XOHuman5'9"157 lbsSteve Johnson
EnsignRafael LabaragurSecurity OfficerHumanRafael Labaragur
EnsignAsani NeribiSecurity OfficerMaerynian/Human6'1"185lbsKatherine Dedul
EnsignAlan DysartScientistHuman5’11141 lbsSam Pennington
EnsignQezimora XanraeDoctorBolian167cm130 lbsTrinity Fister
EnsignLeto HarkonnenEngineerHuman6' 2"13 stoneClayton Strong
GamemasterDeus Ex MachinaGamemasterLuke Hung