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Foremost Fleet Vacancy - CO USS Asimov

Ladies, Gentlemen and members of the STF Petting Zoo,

Ray Branch has elected to step down as CO of the Asimov so he can spend more time with the Cadets on the Discovery in the Academy. Dave and I wish him the best as he focuses his attention on training the next generation of leaders in STF.

Consequently, we have a Captaincy we need to fill.

The full details of the advertisement is here:

Please address the questions asked in that in your application and send your applications to:

fcomm1 [@]



Asimov XO Position

The Asimov is looking for a new XO!

All applicants should meet the following requirements:

-Minimum rank of Lieutenant
-Must be a member for 6 months
-Have had a Department Head position

*2 Recommendations are preferred, but not required*

All applications should be sent using Ray's contact form, or to: stfraybranch [@] outlook . com .

The Asimov has a relaxed posting speed of 5/7/10.

Note from Ray:

Also, be warned: I expect my XO to be active in admin duties.

Applications open until the best member for the role is found.

Fleet Commander Krys McLean
FComm 1

Foremost fleet CO opening

: I am currently in the position to advertise the CO spot on the Asimov in the foremost fleet for application.
: While experience is not necessary I will point out that this ship needs some TLC so it would be preferable.
: Applicants should email me via my contact form or at fcomm-1 @ star-fleet . com (without the spaces) I am looking for:
: your crednetials and past positions in the club that you feel make you a suitable candidate.
: Your vision for the ship


AFComm Applicants Wanted


I am now taking applications for the AFComm position for the Foremost Fleet. Experience would be good but is not necessary. In your application, I would like to know:

- How you fit the requirements for the position
- Why you want the position
- What ideas you have for the fleet
- What positions you currently hold in the club

Applications will close on the 4th of April.

Please contact me via my contact form or fcomm1 @ star-fleet. com (minus spaces)



Mentoring Program: CDC

The Foremost Fleet is hosting a discussion on how to mentor and develop Executive Officers (XOs) and 2nd Officers, within the Fleet, on Starbase 243.

The discussion thread can be found here:

The discussion will be open until the 29th December 2015, so if you have a spare five minutes please feel free to check it out / respond with any comments.

TJ Morgan
Fleet Commander, Foremost Fleet

Foremost Fleet Vacancies

The Foremost Fleet has been pushing the boundaries of exploration and STF since before 1994 and we now have multiple vacancies across our four ships, so if you have ever wanted:

- To go boldly where no STFer has gone before.
- Work with some of the most creative, proactive role players STF has to offer.
- Use some of the most sophisticated technology beyond the Sol System.
- To become one of the foremost role-players in STF.

Get in touch because the Foremost Fleet wants you! To join the Foremost Fleet just check out the vacancies below and drop one of our four Captains an email.


USS Ark Angel - XO Vacancy

Sadly, Walker Sheldon has had to step down as XO of the Ark Angel, due to timing concerns. As such, the USS Ark Angel is now looking for a new XO.

More information about the role can be found at:

If you are interested in applying for the position please email either:

Robert Archer (the AA's CO) via: or
TJ Morgan (FComm-1) via:

Applications will close on the 25th September 2015.

TJ Morgan
Fleet Commander, Foremost Fleet

USS Asimov - XO Vacancy

Following my re-assignment as CO, the USS Asimov is now looking for a new XO. The USS Asimov is undergoing a rebranding and rebuilding movement to deliver a role-playing area which has both a relaxed atmosphere and focuses on deep player knowledge of the ship and its crew.

I would like those interested in the position to e-mail me via my contact form:


CO Vacancy - USS Asimov

Greetings all,

The USS Asimov is currently looking for a new Captain.

I am happy to receive applications from all club members regardless of current rank or experience. As such, if you are interested please apply.

Applications should be sent to fcomm1 [at] by no later than Sunday 23rd August 2015.

Applicants should include the following in their applications:

- Why they want the position.
- Any ideas they have for the ship.
- Their current rank and positions.
- Any past XO / CO experience.

TJ Morgan,
Fleet Commander, Foremost Fleet.

CO Vacancy - SS Bonaventure

Greetings all,

The SS Bonaventure, STF’s only Enterprise (Jonathan Archer) Era alt-rpg ship, is currently looking for a new Captain.

Applications should be sent to fcomm1 [at] before Sunday 19th July 2015.

Applicants should include the following in their applications:

- Why they want the position
- Any ideas they have for the ship
- Their current rank and positions
- Their experience, if applicable, of role-playing within the Enterprise Era.
- The name of two XOs or COs who are willing to provide a reference.

TJ Morgan,
Fleet Commander, Foremost Fleet.

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