Great White Fleet

XO Needed - USS Constellation (Infinite Fleet)

Hey All,

I am presently recruiting for the role of XO on the USS Constellation (currently in The Great White Fleet, but will be moving shortly to the new Infinite Fleet).

I am willing to consider both players who have been XO before and those have never been XO before. Full training will be provided for those who require it obviously.

Some of the tasks you will be doing as my XO:

1. Monitoring AWOLs and sending notices to players when they are AWOL.

2. Assisting me with recruiting new people to the ship.

3. Assisting me in maintaining the MOTD.

4. Other duties as needed.


Fleet Two - CO Vacancy - USS Polaris

Have you ever wanted to take a stab at being a CO?

If so, this may be the opportunity you've been waiting for!

The USS Polaris is in the market for a CO. No prior command experience is required (as the XO on the Polaris is very experienced and completely willing to train a new CO), however I do require any potential candidate to have spent at least three months as a DH somewhere in the club.

Any interested applicants should send me an email via my contact form (, be sure to include the following:

1. Your Name


XO Vacancy - USS Constellation

Thank you for all the interest, this position is now filled!!

-Kat, FComm-2 & CO USS Connie

XO - Outpost 45 Vacancy

Thank you all for your interest in the position, it is now filled. :)

-Kat, FComm-2

XO - USS Constellation Vacancy


I'm please to announce this position has been filled!! Thanks all to applied and best of luck on applying for other XO vacancies if I didn't choose you! :)

Kat, CO USS Constellation

XO Required - USS Constellation

The Constellation, in Fleet Two, is presently in the market for an XO. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who has been looking to make the leap into Command as you will be working directly under me (as I am the CO of the ship).

Some requirements of the position:

1. You need some DH experience, preferrably three months worth, but I will consider you if you have less than that. Other than that, no prior training is necessary or needed, I will provide full training.


CO Vacancy - USS Polaris

Greetings all, Fleet Two is presently in need of a CO, specifically for the USS Polaris. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who want command but are afraid of being just tossed in. The XO of the Polaris is an experienced CO (me) and I'm willing to train.

Basic qualifications:

1. DH experience minimum (at least three months experience), XO experience is a plus, but not a requirement. Full training will be provided.
2. A willingness to learn.
3. A willingness to work with me.


CO Required - USS Polaris


Due to Michelle Higdon's resignation, we are left with a CO vacancy on the Polaris in Fleet Two.

I am presently taking applications to fill this vacancy.


1. XO experience is preferred, but not necessarily a deal breaker. Full training will be provided.

2. The ability to take on extra responsibilities. You won't just have another character, you will have a whole ship to run, this involves putting in some extra work outside of posting in character. The Polaris is a regular posting ship, which means COs must be able to post at minimum once every three days.


XO Required - USS Constellation

The USS Constellation is presently in need of an XO, now is a great chance to join a fabulous ship with a wonderful crew!

Some requirements:

1. The ship is an Alt-RPG, we are a comedy ship. Our ship runs missions that range from just slightly amusing to completely off the wall. Her crew are also slightly insane.

2. The ship is a slow-posting ship, which means the minimum requirement is posting once every five days for an XO.

3. Some DH experience is preferable, but not a requirement. Full training for the position will be provided.


XO Needed for Outpost 45

Dean Inglis is looking for a new XO for Outpost 45:

XO needed for OP45 in fleet 2. I am looking for an experience player who thrives on helping others and isn't afraid to take risks. XO
duties include the following.

*Assist with cleanup of roster.
*Maintain AWOL policy.
*Help new players feel welcomed.
*Take over when CO isn't around.
*Have fun
*on time reports.
*Other duties as assigned.

Please send your information and 2 references from past CO's.


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