Pioneer Fleet

XO Opportunity

The owie is in need of a new XO. I will be taking applications till next Saturday. Please contact me via my contact form and let me know the following.

1). What you would bring to the role
2) Why you want the spot
3) What experience you have that would serve you in the role.


CO Opening - USS Atlantis

The Pioneer Fleet has a CO opening on the USS Atlantis. Applications for the position will be accepted from now through July 12th. At a minimum the applicant will need to have prior experience as an XO or a CO in the Main Fleet. We’re looking for a CO who has been and will be reliable and is willing to put in the effort to keep this ship great. In your application, please answer these questions.

Why are you particularly interested in being the CO of the Atlantis?

How do you see yourself working with the crew and command staff currently in place on the ship?


CO Vacancy - Dresden

With Luke deciding to step down I am currently in the position to advertise the CO spot on the Dresden in the pioneer fleet for application.

Experience is not necessary however would be preferable.

Applicants should email me via my contact form or at fcomm-3 @ star-fleet . com (without the spaces) I am looking for:

your credentials and past positions in the club that you feel make you a suitable candidate.

Your vision for the ship

A three point plan of what you would do in the short term, medium term and long term ideally if you were successful


AFComm Opening

Are you Brave, Adventurous, Daring, Dauntless!? Dare we say it A true...Pioneer!?!? Then we need you!

By we...I mean me. I am taking applications for the AFComm position for the Pioneer Fleet. Experience would be good but is not necessary. In your note of interest, I would like to know:

- How you fit the requirements for the position
- Why you want the position
- What ideas you have for the fleet
- What positions you currently hold in the club

Applications will close on the 20th of August

Please contact me via my contact form or In IRC to apply or with any questions



Attn: All Crew - Fleet Commander Pioneer Fleet: Command Openings

Audience: All Members Lieutenant Rank and Higher

Subject: Command Opening Fleet Three USS Atlantis

Message: With Amber going on ELOA that leaves me with the opening for a Captain on the Atlantis in Pioneer Fleet. Atlantis has a great crew, and her current Command Staff is one of the Best. Amber will be missed and it will be interesting shoes to fill. Drop me a line at FComm3 with your application, and why you should be considered. So everyone is aware I will be sharing this with my AFComm3 and the Current Remain Command Staff on the Atlantis.

Fleet Captain Jeremy "OX" DeSpain


One Story draws to a Close and Another Begins

Attention All Star-Fleet Officers:

Orders from 3rd Fleet Command;

There is an opening for Command Officers aboard Outpost 42;

Requirements, 6 Months active on the boards.

3 references from those in command of you on a ship

Previous command experience is a plus but not required.

This is going to be a unique change of command as the old CO is remaining aboard until the new CO takes command and it will be done IC, not with OOC behind the scenes plot twists.


XO for Outpost 42

Hi everybody!

The Outpost in the fleet needs a XO, in fact we've been without one for some time now, and it's a great opportunity for someone to jump in and help out, or even get some command experience. The Outpost has a great GM and some really talented writers.

If you're interested please send me an request at or you can use the contact link in my bio page.

Please include any command experience you've had previously and why you want to take on this position.

Thank you for your support!

-James Harrison, FCOMM Pioneer Fleet

AFComm Opening

Hi All,

The Pioneer Fleet is looking for a new AFComm with Anthony's stepping down. I am opening the position up for applicants who meet the criteria. You can apply by sending me an email using my contact link.

In your application I'd like to see...

1.) How you meet the criteria for the position
2.) If you've ever been FComm or AFcomm before
3.) Why you want the position
4.) Any ideas you have for the Fleet

I'll be taking applicants until June 26, or until I find a suitable candidate. Thanks!!!

-James Harrison, FCOMM Pioneer Fleet

XO Vacancy - USS Dresden

Hi all,

Luke Ronayne, the CO of the USS Dresden, is looking for a XO for the Dresden. No experience is required, and any applicants should include the following in their application:

- Why you want the position
- Any ideas you have for the ship
- Your current rank and positions

Please visit the ship page in the Pioneer Fleet and send your application to Luke through the contact link on the MOTD or on his personal info page.

Applications will be open until the 3rd May, with the XO being named shortly after.

James Harrison - FCOMM Pioneer Fleet

OP42 CO vacancy

Well, after Jerome stepped down as CO of Outpost 42, I am hereby opening up the vacancy up for applicants. Unlike a regular ship, Outpost 42 is a space station akin to Deep Space Nine, and will therefore be a different roleplaying environment than most people are used to. However, just like Deep Space Nine in the later seasons, the Outpost has a Pendragon class ship for doing missions that requires the senior officers to be off the outpost.

The only major requirement I have for people applying whom have not had CO experience is that you have at least had 6 months XO experience.

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