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CO Opening - USS Chernov

With TJ's recent departure, the USS Chernov is sadly in need for a new Captain again. The Chernov is the clubs one and only Kelvin Universe (Abramverse) ship in the club. I am going to be accepting applications till I feel we have the needed person to fill the role, but the sooner the better with your applications.

What do you need to send to me?

1) Name and club rank. While I do am not capping off the role to a certain rank in the club, I would like the information all the same.


Fleet 5 USS Chernov CO Opening

With Emily England's departure we have an opening for a CO spot on the Chernov. I would like all people who have at least been a XO to email me your crednetials and past positions in the club that wish to apply at fcomm-5 @ star-fleet . com. This will stay open until I find someone I feel can handle the ship Remember the Chernov is a JJ Abrams ship, and considered an alt rpg.

~Steven Sigle, FCOMM 5

CO opening USS Chernov

I am opening the applications to all people who wish to apply to the USS Chernov. I would like to have your current rank in club, roles you have played as well as positions held. First Officer positions are prefered but not required. CO exam is prefered but not required. I would like you to gather 3 references from Captains you have served with as well so I can get a feel for you as a candidate. You can e-mail this at at FCOMM - 5 @ star - fleet . com no spaces.


Applications for AFComm 5

Hi all,

I'm looking for an AFComm for the Meridian Fleet. Experience would be good to have but is not necessary. In your application, I would like to know:

- How you fit the requirements for the position
- Why you want the position
- What ideas you have for the fleet
- What position you currently hold in the club

Applications will close on the 18th April to be announced on the 19th April.


CO Vacancy - USS Crusader

Hi everyone,

There is a vacancy as CO on the Crusader. Applications should be sent to fleet5[at] by the 16th March.

Luke - AFComm 5

GM Wanted on the USS Saracen!

The USS Saracen is looking for a new GM!

As a Pendragon-class ship with an experienced crew, the Saracen offers a great opportunity for a GM to flex their creativity.

If you are interested, please contact Bob Spicer, the Saracen's CO, at

Meridian Fleet - Fleet Community Discussion

A discussion has started in Starbase 257 (the administrative HQ for the Meridian Fleet / Fleet Five) regarding the IC-aspect of the "Fleet Community" theme being implemented this term in the fleet. To join in, read the opening post at

-Daniel Lerner, FComm-5

CO Vacancy - USS Saracen

Applications are currently being accepted for CO of the USS Saracen. Applications should be sent to fcomm5 [at] before September 25th.

Applicants should explain why they are interested in the position, and point to any prior experience that they feel will make them the ideal person for the position.

Familiarity with the USS Saracen's recent history as well as what specific steps you intend to implement on the Saracen will also be considered.

-Daniel Lerner, Fleet Five Commander (The Meridian Fleet)

Applications for AFComm-5

Applications are now being accepted for the position of Assistant Fleet Commander for Fleet Five (The Meridian Fleet). The deadline will be August 19th.

As per FCOMM, you must be a current or past CO or XO of the fleet, and you cannot currently be an FComm or AFComm of any other fleet. (If you are not currently a CO or XO of the fleet, please let me know when you were previously a CO or XO in Fleet Five.)


From the Desk of the Fleet Commander Meridian Fleet - Operational Immediate - Command Opening.

From the Desk of the Fleet Commander Meridian Fleet - Operational Immediate - Command Opening.


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