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CO Position - USS Constellation

As some of you already know, Kat is taking a step back from the Connie, while this is a sad time it does mean there is opportunity for someone else to take up the position. The Constellation is an alternative ship known for it's wacky and eccentric ways! We are now accepting applications for this role so if you would like to be considered for the position please send an application to fcomm-8 @

In your application you should have the following information:

1. Your previous experience
2. Why you want the position
3. A short character bio


CO Vacancy - USS Viking

With the recent resignation of Sharon Miller a vacancy has been left open for the command seat on the Viking. If you are interested, definitely please consider applying.

In your application please let me/us know:
- Your name and a brief explanation of your experience here in STF
- What are some of your plans for the Viking
- A time where you've been in a difficult situation and found your way out


CO Needed - USS Viking - Infinite Fleet

Hi All,

Scarlet Olivia has chosen to take a break from the club for an indefinite period of time, so she has resigned as CO of the USS Viking.

As such, I am looking for a new CO for the ship. Anyone interested in the role should contact me via email (kdedul[at]gmail[dot]com) with the following:

1. Brief description of who you are, what positions you've held, etc.

2. Why you want to be CO of the Viking, let me know what you think the ship needs, what you would do, etc.


USS Viking - CO Position

Fleet 8 is looking for a CO for the USS Viking

To apply, please email me @ the . greyster @ gmail .com (no spaces) with the subject CO - USS Viking Application

Include in your application answers to at least the following.

Who you are
How long you've been in star-fleet
what positions you've held
What positions/characters you've loved the most
How are you qualified to take over the viking
Why do you want the position
sketch out your management style and what you envisonage for the viking


Available Position - Assistant Fleet Commander - Fleet 8

Subsequent to Archer #15 There now exists an opening for the position of Assistant Fleet Commander - Fleet 8.

To be eligable for the position you must have previous or current experience as a CO/XO of Fleet 8 or Fleet's 2 and 4 prior to their merger to form The Infinite Fleet.

Please send your applications to me @ with the title Application - Fleet 8 AFComm.

In your application please outline the following.

How you're qualified for the post
Any nifty ideas for fleet management.


USS Turing - CO Vacancy - Now Filled

**This position is now filled**

The USS Turing is in need of a CO, The Turing is a great ship, with a great XO and an engaging crew of great posters. you can submit you applications to "fcomm8 @ star-fleet .com" (removing the spaces), please in your application could you include details of the following:

- Current Rank and positions in the club
- Why you think you would make a good CO for the Turing
- What you can bring to the Ship and where you want to take the ship (your plans for the Turing)
- Details of any past XO or CO experience, XO experience preferred although not required


Viking CO Vacancy - Now Filled

**This position is now Filled**

Unfortunately I have had to resign as CO of the Viking due to Time constraints RL so it is now open for applications with the following:

- Current Rank and positions in the Club would
- Why you think you would make a good CO for the Ship
- Past experience as a CO (not required) and experience as an XO (required)
- Any plans you have for the Ship/ things you would like to do as CO
- if you have taken the CO exam (not required)
- names of at least 2 references, one must have been a former or current CO


Fleet 8 AFComm Opening

Now that the new term has started, there is currently an opening for the new AFComm of the Infinite fleet (fleet 8).

Since Fleet 8 was formed (Bates Edict #14) by the merging of fleets 2 and 4, to be eligible for AFComm of fleet 8 you must have served as Either a CO or XO in fleets 2 (Great White), 4 (Forceful) or 8 (Infinite).

So as long as you are a frequent poster (don't regularly go awol) please send me an application with the following:

The ship that allows you to be eligable,
Why you want to be AFComm,
If you have any thoughts for the fleet
Your favorite type of tree,


XO Vacancy USS Turing

I’m currently looking for an XO for the Turing. She has an active crew of amazing and talented writers and we need a frequent and engaging roleplayer to help running side sims and that would stick around long-term. I’m looking for someone who

Is a member in good standing for over 90 days
Has had no serious AWOLs in the last 90 days
Is able to provide at least one reference.

I would also like the following submitted alongside your application:

A full bio of the character you would be playing should your application be successful


CO Opening - USS Viking

Applications for CO of the USS Viking in the Infinite Fleet are now being accepted until June 12, 11:59pm Central US Time.

Candidate qualifications can be found in the command announcement:

Send all applications to Captain Harley Cartee, FComm8, Infinite Fleet via my contact form, or by emailing me directly at hlcartee @ gmail . com removing the spacing of course.

-Captain Harley Cartee
Infinite Fleet

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