The Technical Board

Site Changeover Happening on Saturday at Noon Eastern Time

Hello Everyone,

The site changeover is still taking place on Saturday, June 23. We have instructions for all members. Please read them here:

These instructions will be posted again after the switch.


Exodus Public Beta

As was announced on Command the next iteration of the club's site software Exodus is now open for public testing and feedback in preperation for the transition off of Drupal WeBBSpace.

-- Fleet Captain Matt Bernardin, TECH

Project Exodus Release Date Announced

Hello Everyone,

We will be switching to the new site on June 23, 2018. If you have character biographies or specific posts in the current site that you would like to ensure that you have access to, please begin saving copies of these to your own computers now. We are keeping the current database of content, however we likely will not be able to make the posts and characters easily accessible by the general membership until several months after June 23.

More information is available here:

-- Joe P, TECH

Change in Application Procedure

Hello everyone,

We will be implementing a change in our application system. Due to our current aging infrastructure, we cannot accurately filter out spam applications from our system. This results in us having over 55 spam applications within 24 hours. We will be replacing our Drupal based infrastructure very soon, but in the weeks between now and then, we will be outsourcing our applications to an external form.

What you will notice:

There will be a "Join STF" link in the left sidebar.

"Create New Account" will no longer be visible.


Procedural Change : Ticketing System

TECH has implimented a ticketing system to enable all members to self-report issues/requests/suggestions.

The announcement with details can be found at

FCapt Matt Bernardin, TECH

Posting Issues Resolved

Hello Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed odd behavior while attempting to post a few hours ago. We recently applied a security patch that, as an unintended side effect, temporarily affected posting replies to existing posts. We have resolved all issues with the patch and things should now be working normally. If you are having any trouble doing anything at all that you ordinarily do on the site, please send an email to TECH [at]


Unplanned Server Maintenance Earlier Today

The site was down from October 21 10:30 PM EDT to 12:15 AM EDT October 22 due to a hardware issue on the server. This problem has been resolved by the hosting company as far as we know and there should not be any more scary error messages or other performance degradation that you should encounter. Please let TECH know if there are any lingering issues you are experiencing.

TECH Opening

Hello Everyone,

There is presently an opening on the TECH Board. We will be accepting applications from today until next Sunday morning. If you're interested, please e-mail tech @ with your name, a bit about yourself, your technical background and skills, and any relevant experience. If anyone has questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. While not required, any familiarity with Python or Django would be very useful.



Discord Operators Wanted

TECH is looking to enlist some members of the club to assist with moderation of the Discord server and associated channels. There has been an increase in activity as of late, but no increase in moderation actions. The expectations of being an operator on the STF Discord are as follows: 1) Observe and enforce the chat rules as established by TECH (, 2) Use sense to determine the appropriateness of behavior occurring on the server, 3) Be willing to enforce rules and draw lines when appropriate, 4) stay in good communication by using the Operator channel and e-mail TECH when warnings or punishments are given.

We are particularly interested in having Operators that will be able to moderate on "off" times when other Operators are not present. Please note your average time of use and time zone in the e-mail of interest.

Discord operators are not a special rank or place in the STF Government or TECH - they are at will and may be added or removed at any time, for any reason. Please e-mail TECH at tech @ if you are interested.


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