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STFer Awards, October 2009

Thanks for voting! Details of the ceremony will be announced soon!

Nominate people for the STF Awards!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Tribbles and Wombats, Hens, Seamonkeys, and Owls... Everyone's favorite awards, the STFer Awards are here! Fill out the nomination form to help make this season's awards a success... WE need YOU to participate to make this happen!


Recruitment ad at The Simming League!

We have an ad up at The Simming League. This was a collaberative effort of several people. But it is done and hopefully we will start seeing some action from this. Check it out at .

~ Liz Caro MAC

Standardized Universal Report Forms

As we enter into the report season the SURFs are now up and operational for the first official use. Through many tests and revisions we have a final product, but as with every live launch of something new, there are no doubt going to be some hiccups so please give this feedback to your relevant Command Staff to pass on to the Internet Department or contact the Internet Department directly.

The new reports can be found at which links to all the relevant forms for all the positions that submit monthly fleet report forms.

Please contact the IDept for any assistance in using the reports.

STF Awards March 2009

The Awards have been held and the winners of each award has been announced. The drinks flowed freely and many from the ranks of were in attendance ... my thanks goes to each of the presenters who presented awards ... including those who were called on to present at the last minute. I also want to especially thank Jack Dipper ... who assisted with setting up many of the awards for me ... in an effort to take of some of the load from me, especially during February.

The following is a list of the award winners

Newcomer - Jamie Hirst


March 2009 Emma Awards

The Awards are going to be held on Saturday 14th March at 1500 hours US Eastern Time. This is Saturday 14th March at 1900 hours GMT and for those of us who live in QLD Australia, it is at 0500 on Sunday 15th March. The awards are being held in our Awards Channel in IRC - #stf-awards.

If you are interested in presenting an award, and haven't yet let me know, please email me ASAP.

Also, we have places available for 2 or 3 entertainment people ... if you want to 'sing' etc during the intermissions of the awards ... please also contact me.

You can contact me via my contact form.


Emma Award Voting

Voting in the awards is now completed

Please contact me if you have any issues ... using my contact form.

- Russell

Government Position Open!

Morning all,

With Rob's departure as Marketing and Advertising Coordinator, we're going to be on the lookout for a new one. This is an outstanding opportunity for anyone who has been looking to serve in a governmental capacity and give back a little something to the club we all love.

A sucessfull applicant will:

- Be enthusiastic and driven
- Have a number of very clear ideas to help develop and enhance our online presence
- Have a background in advertising or customer relations, though training will be provided and this is not essential.


February 2009 STF Awards Nominations - The Emmas

Nominations have ended for the STF Awards for February 2009.

Please wait for the voting form. It'll go up within the next day.

Awards Administrator/Master of Ceremonies

A Merry Christmas From Your STF Government

Christmas Greetings to One and All

With Christmas upon us, Brian and I wanted to offer our fondest wishes to every member of our great club for a very Merry Christmas/Chanuka (That's how the wife spells it)/Festive Season and a Happy, Joyful and alcoholically responsible new year.

The term thus far has seen some outstanding accomplishments and I know I speak for the entire Government when I tell you what an honour it is to serve you all.

So with Bear hugs and Wolfe slobber, we give you a hearty Ho Ho Ho and a hope for a happy and satisfying 2009!

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