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Justice Bylaw Discussion

Hello, Club,

The latest drafts of the Justice Bill have been up in Command for about four days, and I have yet to see a single comment on the subject. There are three posts to check out:

Get your two cents in now, before it actually goes up as a Bill!

New Government Announced

We are pleased to announce the Government for the next 8 months:

President: Anthony Martin (
Vice President: Jack Dipper (

Academy Commandant: Katherine Dedul (
Personnel Director: Helen Hosick (
Internet Director: Jack Dipper (
Engineering Director: Andrew Robinson (
Gamemaster Director: David Wonderly (

Fleet Commander 1: Sidney Parker (
Fleet Commander 2: Chris Grinder (
Fleet Commander 3: Jim Hosick (
Fleet Commander 4: Robert Spicer (
Fleet Commander 5: Steven Sigle (
Fleet Commander 6: Emily Stephenson (


Command Back in Session!

Folks, there's no waiting around for weeks and weeks this time! We've already kicked off a discussion in Command, so if you're a Command dweller, get in there! If you pop into Command now and then, get in there! If you've never gone near Command because you think you're too new, you're wrong - so get in there! We can't hear you if you don't speak, after all.

Presidential voting is open!

If you haven't voted in the Presidential Election yet, now is the time! Hop over to the Election Ship, read what the candidates have to say, and make your voice heard. A link to the voting booth is on the Election MOTD.

Election Season opens

Get your hunting phasers ready, because Election Season is here again! Hop on over to the Election Ship to see who's running, ask them probing questions, and decide who will lead this motley bunch of Star Trek geeks for the next 8 months. Remember to read the Election Rules!

New Egotists elected

Joe Fahey and Krystelle Bromilow have been elected as the new Egotists of STF. Joe will serve a 24 month term and Krystelle a 16 month term, both starting on 3 July 2010. The will join Larry Garfield, who is already an Egotist and has 8 months left in his term. Together they will form the EGO Council, battling the forces of darkness and corruption from their secret base in the Fleet Four Funny Farm.

Many thanks to outgoing Egotists Symon Silvester and Jack Dipper and acting Egotist Kat Dedul for their seat-warming services for the past 8 months.

EGO Elections

Elections for two Egotists are now open. If you are a Fleet Captain or higher, go here to vote. Voting closes at 12:00:01 am US Eastern Time on Saturday 25 June.

STF Awards

The STF Awards are over. To see the results of the awards, click here:



Did you know the club has an official Out of Character Zone? It does!!

After a vote in Starfleet Command as to whether or not the area should be commissioned in late 2009, the vote determined the area to be a viable resource and it should stay open -- So lets get using it!

Its a fantastic place to meet others you might not otherwise meet in the club, talk about things aside from STF.. unwind, be fun, go bananas!!

Are you interested, we certainly hope so. Vist us here or by clicking WeBB OOC on the STF Navigation Menu.


Announcement: Proper use of the "Location" field

A few weeks ago, the Internet Department held a discussion regarding the proper way to "use" the "Location" field. For the full announcement of the results, please read this post:

In short, proper use of the "Location" field is as follows:

Location - Activity

The "Location" field is only to contain a physical location; e.g. "Bridge", "Captain's Ready Room", "Quarters: Joe Bloggs".

The "Activity" field is only to contain an In Character activity; e.g. "Joe Blogg's Physical", "Medical Emergency", "Graduation Ceremony".

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