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The following is being posted by the IDir on behalf of the Marketing and Advertising Coordinator is now apart of a top 100 list, and marketing is requesting everyone to take 2 minutes out of their time to vote and rate our great club. To do so just do the following.

- Click the link below or go to marketing in command and click on the vote link there.
- When you click the button you will see another page pop up, click on "Vote for", after it will take you to another page.


Cabinet Positions Open For Application

STF Is currently on the lookout for both a new Fleet Commander for Fleet Five and an Engineering Department Director.


Fleet Five is one of our (in this Presidents humble opinion) best fleets and it needs a strong leader to steer it. A successul applicant for the position of Fleet Five Commander will:

- Be either a current or former Commanding Officer within the Fleet or a current or former Executive Officer with command experience elsewhere.

- Have served the club for at least one year, or six months with command experience within those six months.


Andrew Robinson / Brian Olinski elected next Prez/Veep of STF

Tim Martin and Ed Brough have withdrawn from the election, leaving only one ticket standing. Andrew Robinson and Brian Olinski have therefore been declared the victors in the election, and will take over the Executive Washroom as 30th elected President and Vice President on 2 August 2008.

See the Election Ship for the full story.

STF Awards 2008

The Awards Ceremony has been held. Phillip Stonness and Gene Gibbs tied for best STFer. Congratulations to Phill and Gene and all the other winners at the awards. Thanks also to the presenters and entertainers, and everyone who attended, nominated and voted. Please visit for the raw list of Award winners

Time/Date of Star Fleet Awards Set

The Time, Date and Place of the Star Fleet Awards 2008 has now been set. After reviewing all the requests by those who put in suggestions for the time and date, the Star-Fleet Awards have been set for 3:00pm on Saturday 31 May 2008. EDT. I'm not sure of all Timezones, but by my calculations that is 5:00am Sunday Brisbane Time (AEST), 8:00pm Saturday for those in the UK and 7:00pm GMT. The Awards will be held in #STF_Awards in IRC ... all invited to attend.

- Awards Tribble

STF Awards Voting Open

Yes, that's right, the time we've all been waiting for has arrived ... voting for the 2008 STF Awards. is the link you need to access the voting form. Voting starts immediately, and finishes on the 27th of May, US time (GMT -4:00)

Please be aware you need to push the vote button at the end of each award category

I'm sure you'll all find someone or something you can vote for ... now get in there and vote!

- Awards Tribble

STF Awards (The Emmas)

The nominations period for the 2008 STF Awards has now closed. Please keep an eye out for the voting form.

STF Awards (The Emmas)

Nominations are open for the STF Awards! Nominate your friends and fellow crew members at Nominations will be open until May 13.

President Hemenway resigns office, VP Daniel Lerner succeeds as President

Due to real life concerns, President Sarah Hemenway has stepped down as President. See:

Daniel Lerner has succeeded Sarah as President and will fulfill the remaining time in Sarah's 3rd term in office. Jack Dipper has been appointed as Daniel's Vice President.

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