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Nominations for President now open

Yes, Ladies, Gentlemen, STF Animals (both real and fictional), and Tribbles - it's that time... the STF Presidential Election!!

Do you think you know who should be the STF President for the next 8-month term? Then come on over to the Election Ship and let us know. Nominations are now open until March 11th for the STF Election!

Come on by and let us know who you think should be President. Just make sure your name is on the Voters List, and take a look at the nomination procedure on the MOTD if you're new to these elections (or if you haven't participated in one in a while).


Election "Do Not Contact" List

With the Election Season about to start, I am sending out a reminder that you can sign up to be on the Election's "Do Not Contact" list. This list will prevent you from receiving any unsolicited campaign-related emails. A copy of the list is displayed on the Election Ship MOTD.

If you would like to be on the "Do No Contact" list for this election, please send me an email at "ec [at]".

Daniel Lerner
Election Coordinator

STF Awards February 2017 Winners

Thank you all to those who showed up and helped for the awards this year, and congratulations to all winners. For the list of winners you can find them bellow.

~Steven and Linds

STF Awards Channel

For anyone coming to the awards ceremony, you can visit us in Discord at to join in at the party. As as a reminder, the awards start 12pm eastern standard time and should last until 2 pm eastern standard time.

~Steven and Linds

STF Awards Ceremony

Just a reminder that the STF Awards ceremony is tomorrow (Sat) 12-2 PM Eastern. The link to the Awards room will be posted prior to the ceremony, so check back here for the link.

Because we log and save the ceremony for posting to the club's membership, we ask that all extra commentary and cheering etc take place in the main room and all strictly presentation stuff happen in the Awards room. It makes for a cleaner transcript.

See you all then!


STF Awards February 2017

The polls for the awards are closed, the ceremony will be on February 25th 2017 from 12-2 pm eastern time. All are welcome for a good old time as we hand out the awards in our chat channel in Discord.

~Steven & Linds

Command Mentorship Program

We're looking for feedback for the new Command Mentorship Program before it goes live. What is it? Read about it here:

Commentary period open for a week.

~Linds, President

TECH Bill Draft

Following the completion of the TECH Review, I've put up the draft Bill for people to add their comments:

Even if it's a thumbs up or "Looks good to me," is fine. I just need to know people have read it and are okay with the wording before it becomes an official bill.

Commentary is open until the 21st.

~Linds, President

EGO Election Results

The votes are in, and Kat Dedul has been elected to a two-year term on EGO starting on March 1, 2017. Congratulations, Kat!

The full results can be viewed here:

-Daniel Lerner, Election Coordinator

Awards Voting Form- Important Announcement

Just a note that there was briefly an issue with the voting form and it wasn't logging the votes for Best XO. It's working again and logging votes, but please double check if you're already submitted your form that your vote was logged. If it wasn't, it will still appear like you can vote, so just log your vote once again.

Many thanks!


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