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Social Media- Line of the Day

Hey folks!

I'm going to try something out for fun to see if people enjoy it. It's a marketing tool as well, so the more people participate, the better for the club it could be!

Concept: Post funny/snappy/poignant lines to Twitter to generate interest in the content our RP generates and share some fun.


Awards Results!

We had a great Open House and Awards! Thanks to everyone who worked to make everything happen!

Awards results can be found here:


First round of voting now open

The first round of voting for the next STF President is now open. The ballot can be found here:

This round of voting will close on July 23rd at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. The two tickets with the most votes will move forward to the final round of voting.

Contact the Election Coordinator if you cannot vote but think you should be able to.

Daniel Lerner
Election Coordinator

Anniversary Reminders

Hey folks!

Just a quick set of reminders during this celebratory week:

1. Silke has an anonymous survey for you to fill out so she can build a map to show off STF's global reach. It's in Ten Forward. It takes thirty seconds. Help her out!

2. Amanda's Live ST IRC RP during the Open House has quite a bit of interest. She just needs rough numbers and drop ins are welcome, but if you know you want to participate, reply to the thread in Ten Forward and RSVP asap.


STF's 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Plans are well underway to celebrate this momentous of events! Did you know we are the longest running Star Trek RPG on the Internet?!

Join us July 11-17th as we have a bit of fun and celebrate 25 crazy years.

Events will be held all week in Ten Forward, with crazy threads, a quiz, interviews and much more! The celebration will culminate on Sunday the 17th in IRC with an Open House that will happen around the awards. Pop in and out as you like. A full schedule will be released soon, but we've got a 'pub style' quiz, an STO vs ST info session and a live RP!


STF Awards July 2016 Voting Is NOW OPEN!!

Welcome to the July 2016 STFer Emma Awards voting form! Select your choices for the awards below, and make sure to look at all five pages! You can switch pages at the bottom of each page. The ceremony will take place on July 17, 13:00 to 15:00 Eastern Time. The ceremony will take place in IRC and will be a lot of fun, so we'd like as many people as possible to attend!

You may change your mind on your selections until July 15, 23:59, when the voting period ends. The results will be tallied shortly thereafter.


Election "Do Not Contact" List

Now that the Election Season has officially started in STF, members may receive unsolicited campaign materials unless they opt out.

If you do not wish to receive unsolicited campaign emails, please contact me at ec [at] or my contact page at to request to be on the Do Not Contact list.

-Daniel Lerner
Election Coordinator

Nominations for President now open

I hope everyone had a fun and exciting Canada Day! I know I did. (What, you didn't celebrate Canada Day?! But it's one of the Dolphin's favourite holidays...)

Now that the fireworks and celebrations are over, it's time now to give careful thought to who you think should be the next president. Or make a spur-of-the-moment decision while you're still slightly buzzed from the leftover Canada Day alcohol. Either way, head over the Election Ship to let us know who you want to nominate as president!


Sci-World Starts today!!

Hello all,

The annual SciWorld convention kicks off tonight at 5:30pm New York time, 10:30pm London time. We've confirmed several additional events, all free and open for you. Tonight's events include 3 play-by-post roleplaying games: Star Trek, Stargate, and Marvel universe, and a number of chats, including a workshop on recruiting for your game, a character development workshop, and a discussion about writing for villains.

Please check us out at

Looking forward to seeing you at SciWorld!

STF Awards July 2016 Nominations Are OPEN!!

Nominations are now open for this term's STF Awards (the "Emmas"), which will be held in July on IRC. You can nominate your fellow members by submitting this form:

Nominations will close on June 30th at 11:59 pm (Eastern).

Remember that there were some changes last year that we kept for this year. So make sure to check out eligibility and caveats to awards and some awards need specific things to qualify as a nomination. There are descriptions everywhere needed! Please read carefully!

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