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EGO Election Results

The EGO election voting results are in, and Joe P. has been elected for a two year term, starting on July 1, 2016.

Congratulations, Joe! And thanks to Jen for her hard work these past two years on EGO.

A full breakdown of the results can be found in Command.

-Daniel Lerner
Election Coordinator

Who should be the next member of EGO?

Voting is now open to pick the next member of EGO for a two-year term starting on July 1, 2016. The poll can be found here:

Voting is only open to active members who hold the member rank of Fleet Captain or higher (don't worry, everyone - there will be an even bigger election coming up next month that everyone can vote in).

NOTE: no campaigning is allowed during the EGO Election in any form.

Good luck to all the candidates!

-Daniel Lerner
Election Coordinator

Short Story Competition 2016

My apologies for this taking so long to post. It was delayed due to RobJ's resignation and my own move and real life commitments. The final short stories are up for voting! Please refer to this link for instructions:

Krys McLean

Candidates being accepted for the EGO Election

Candidates are now being accepted for a member to join EGO for a two-year term, currently scheduled to start on July 1, 2016. In order to qualify as a candidate for EGO, you must hold a member rank of Fleet Captain or higher, and be an active member for the last eight months (excluding routine Leaves of Absences).

NOTE: No campaigning of any sort is allowed in an EGO Election (either by a candidate, in support of a candidate, or against a candidate). This rule shall be strictly enforced.


Marketing and Advertising Coordinator Applications Open!

The Marketing and Advertising Coordinator is the outward face of the club and is in charge of maintaining and updating all social media applications as well as spearheading recruitment activities. Excellent communication skills are a must. Familiarity with Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications is encouraged. Any connections with other organizations or recruitment forums for Star Trek is a plus. This is an executive assistant position. It is also highly encouraged that you be willing to fill this position through the end of the presidential term.


Looking For STF Award Assistant

Krys and I are looking for this term's STF Awards Manager, the person in question would need to fulfill the following duties; be responsible for confirming the category of awards, facilitating nominations and voting for the awards, arranging a date for the awards ceremony, and planning and hosting the ceremony.

Interested applicants should send an email to Krys and I at our contact forms by May 9th.

Robert Archer

Short Story Competition - Submissions open !!Extended!!

!!!!!!!!The submissions deadline has been extended - now open until May 6th!!!!!!!!!!

Submission for the Short Story competition 2016 are now open!! and last entries can be made on the 30th Of April

Please email all submissions to ---- stf(dot)squirrel@gmail(dot)com --- obviously replacing the (dot) with a period(.) -------

!!!!You will receive a reply from me stating that your story has been received, if you do not get one within 24 hours, please send it again, or contact me via my contact form, otherwise I MAY NOT have received your submission!!!!


XFleet SOX Position Open!

As we are going forward with the XFleet review and hope to have it concluded soon, Rob and I would like to advertize for the SOX positions for XFleet. The appropriate person would be someone interested in the continuation of the Experimental Fleet and assisting new ships in the Fleet where applicable. Please send your applications to the Prez and VP forwards and include any past Fleet or CO experience that you possess.

Rob Archer Prez
Krys McLean VP

Only a few days left!!

Short story competition submissions will run from this Friday for 1 week, keep an eye out on the news items for upload details, only a few days to finish ff now, I'm super excited to read them

Good Luck


Short Story Competition - Judges no Longer needed

Hi Folks,

**Thanks for everyone who emailed me I have now selected the judges**

Submission period = 23rd April - 30th April
Panel review = 30th April - 14th May
Voting Period = 14th May - 21st May
Winner announced = 22nd May

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