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Nominations for President now open

Goblins! Zombies! Ghosts! Vampires! STF Presidents! No, wait a second...

Before you put your Halloween costume away, stop by the Election Ship. There's no candy to give away, but you can nominate who you think should be the next President of STF.

Nominations are open until November 7th at 8:00 pm (Eastern Time). The procedure for how to nominate someone can be found on the Election Ship.

-ZombieDolphin (aka Daniel Lerner, Election Coordinator)

Last call for EGO Election

This is the final call for votes for the October 2015 EGO Election. Polls close in just over 24 hours, at about 10 PM Eastern tomorrow, Thursday, October 29th. Those eligible to vote please do so ASAP:

Steve Johnson
Election Coordinator

Election Season starts on October 31!

Well, that time is almost upon us... That's right: time to elect a new STF President!

Nominations begin on October 31, 2015 at 20:00 Eastern Time, and continue until November 7, 2015 at 20:00 Eastern Time.

Remember, only members on the voters list are eligible to run as a candidate, nominate a candidate, or second a nomination. A Voters List will be published on the Election Ship on October 25th.

Stop by the Election Ship to see the full Election Timetable. You can also view the Election Timetable here:

-Daniel Lerner


Ego Election Is Now Open

Elections for our next member of EGO are now open, and will remain open until Thursday, October 29, at 10 PM Eastern time. Members must be ranked as Fleet Captain or higher at the time of nominations being accepted in order to be eligible to vote. Eligible members can go to the following link to vote:

Please remember that this is an instant run-off election, so please rank the candidates by the most you want to be on EGO to the least. Further, there is to be no campaigning of any sort, any campaigning will be met with swift consequences.


STF Awards November 2015 Nominations Are OPEN!!

Nominations are now open for this term's STF Awards (the "Emmas"), which will be held in mid November on IRC. You can nominate your fellow members by submitting this form:

Nominations will close on Saturday October 31st at 11:59 pm (Eastern).


EGO Election

Good Evening Everyone,
As the end of Joe P's term on EGO comes to an end I will be opening up the election for a new member of EGO starting at 0900 Eastern time, Thursday, October 15th, 2015. Nominations will be accepted via the contact form ( or direct e-mail starting after this time, and will be accepted until 0859 Eastern Time, Thursday, October 22nd, 2015. Voting will begin at 0900 Eastern Time, Thursday, October 22nd and will close at 0859 Eastern Time, Thursday, October 29th.


Star Trek Online Fleet Armada discussion

Calling all current and former Star Trek online players!

I run the club's guild/fleet on STO and I am asking for everyone who has at one point played STO to chime in on a discussion that I started in Ten Forward. The topic of this discussion is if we want to join an armada in order to move our fleet into a larger community and get help growing the guild buildings that we need if we want some decent gear in the game, or if we would like to stay isolated. All thoughts are welcome!

Link to the discussion:


Applications for the First TECH Board

Hi All,

I have posted the TECH bill (, which means I am looking for interested applicants who would like to form the first TECH board. As per the bill, I will consult with each the outgoing Internet Director and Coder to determine who best to make up this board.

If you could kindly send your applications by email to prez[at]star-fleet[dot]com and please include the following items:

1. Outline what technical experience you may have, if any.

2. Why do you think you should be selected.

3. What sorts of projects, etc. are you interested in working on?

4. At least one reference, if possible.

I will pass along your applications to Joe and Thomas and we will the move onto interviews. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best of luck!
-Kat, President

Update from the VP: Applications will be accepted until August 23rd.

TECH Discussion in Command - Final Draft

Hey All,

We're discussing the final version of the Technical board which is a very expansive and important bylaw that will be enacted.

All discussion should wrap up by August 2nd, 2015 as we were pretty close with the third draft.

-Kat, President

FComm-8 Vacancy

Hi All,

I am presently in the market for an FComm for the Infinite Fleet.

The requirements of the position are as follows:

1. Current or former CO of the Infinite Fleet (note because of Bates Edict #14, if you qualified to be FComm for the historical fleets 2 and 4, you qualify for Fleet 8)


2. A current or former XO of the Infinite Fleet with CO experience elsewhere in the club.

Please note that acting positions and x-fleet positions do not count.

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