Engineering Department

Discussions for Ship Building Revisions Continue!

The EDept is still slowly trying to hash out corrections and revisions to the core documents that allow us to make our stf custom ship specifications that everyone plays on. Currently the most recent thread concerning revising how ships are scaled by Milwuakie Plan can be found here all active members are welcome to comment and participate.

Robert Archer EDir

Milwaukie Plan Discussions/Solutions (contd)

The Engineering Department is still discussing revising the Milwaukie Plan for ship designing. Current active thread discussion can be found here The discussion is remaining open till we come to a agreeable system.

Robert Archer EDir

Applications for Assistant Engineering Director Open!

As my current AEDir has stepped down due to the evil demands of real life I am now opening a request for applications for a new assistant in the engineering department. Applicants should meet the following desired qualifications: 1) An active member of the club for the past 2 or more months, 2) Be willing to and able to review large documents for correction of a variety of issues, 3) Be able to objectively give constructive feedback both positive and negative on submissions to the EDept, 4) Be willing to learn STF's style of technical engineering mumbo jumbo


Milwaukie Plan Discussions/Solutions

Currently in the Engineering Department all currently active members are welcome to join in on the discussions for the first part of revising the Milawuakie Plan. This discussion will be open from 7/11/17 till 8/6/17. The link to its starting point can be found here.

Robert Archer EDir

Engineering Department Discussion on Milwaukie Plan Problems

As with MNP from 5/22/17 till 6/25/17 we will be gathering input from all members on what they feel are problems for the Milwaukie plan. And as with MNP once we have compiled a list then discuss in a later post how best to fix these agreed upon problems.

The post can be found here

Robert Archer EDir

Modern Navy Plan Prep List

So to get the ball rolling this term in revising Modern Navy Plan the EDept from 4/16/17 till 4/23/17 will be accepting any additional suggestions for issues not already highlighted in this post all currently active club members are welcome to come join. I'm also free to answer any questions concerning this preparation period for the coming larger discussion in email or in Discord. Look for anyone by the nick of Roach with it.

Robert Archer EDir

Engineering Department Term Plans

The plans for this coming term for the Engineering Department are now posted here with plans for full discussions opening in the coming week or so related to them.

Robert Archer (EDir)

Brazen-Class Revision Review

Ray Branch has sent in a few tweaks to the Brazen-class Destroyer in order to improve its usefulness as a playing environment. Come to EDept and let us know what you think!

The review can be found here.

Club-Wide EDept Invitation

To the club at large:

A post has been made in the Engineering Department which everyone in the club should read. The content therein has the potential to affect the club at large in a major way.

It can be found here

Thank you for your time.

Nicholas Villarreal, Engineering Director

Discovery-class Mark II Specification Under Review

After a long wait and a lot of effort on the part of a previous Engineering Director (Robert Archer) and the current Assistant Engineering Director (Matthew Wiseman), we finally have a fully-written copy of a revised specification for the Discovery-class. It's seen quite a bit of use around the club throughout the years, and we still have plenty of them around. If you like the Disco, and like role playing on one of these ships, we definitely want your input. Let us know if you think something is playable, if it's confusing to read - whatever you like or dislike, we want to know!

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