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Academy CO Needed - Applications Closed

Hi All,

Thank you to all who applied, the recommendation is in with the President now and I expect an announcement soon. :)

-Kat, Academy Commandant

Command Mentorship Program (CMP)

Hey All,

It's here!! I finally have the basics of the CMP program up and running. The Mentors list is public and on the Academy MOTD and the basic overview of the program for now is posted here:

The contents will eventually be submitted to TECH for uploading (I have the page coded and ready more or less, but I wanted to see if there were any last minute additions) for a static page.


Command Mentorship Program - Call For Mentors

Hi Folks,

As Linds stated in Command (here:, it is now the Academy's job to set up the Command Mentorship Program. While we are hard at work getting together the necessary information to create static pages with respect to this program, we also need to find out who wants to be a mentor!

We have three levels.



CO Needed - USS Discovery

Hey All,

We are currently looking for a new CO for the USS Discovery. As this is an Academy ship, the successful candidate will have a minimum of three months experience as a CO in the main fleets. If you meet those requirements, please drop me an email via my contact form with the following:

1. Briefly outline your experience as it relates to those requirements (They aren't negotiable as it is stated clearly in the bylaw).

2. Briefly explain why you want to be involved in the Academy.

3. Tell me any other details you feel are relevant to your application.


GM needed USS Discovery

Looking for a GM to help mold , train an terrorize the minds of future STF leaders. Gamemaster of an Academy ship must be an experienced GM holding the classification of Full Gamemaster. If a Full Gamemaster, or higher, cannot be found, a Junior Gamemaster may be considered. Feel free to contact me with questions or to apply . The Discovery awaits!

Bob Spicer

Vice Commandant Position Open

Due to Marthese's retirement the position of Vice Commandant is now open in the Academy. If you might be interested in becoming part of the Academy command then email me . The Vice Commandant answers directly to the Academy Commandant, and is responsible for departmental decisions in the event the Academy Commandant is not available. Additional responsibilities are at the discretion of the Academy Commandant.


Just one GM needed !

The USS Discovery is now seeking someone to be the best GM that they can be! The Gamemaster of an Academy ship must be an experienced GM holding the classification of Full Gamemaster. If a Full Gamemaster, or higher, cannot be found, a Junior Gamemaster may be considered. If you're interested in torturing .. I mean molding the minds of new cadets please contact myself, Bob Spicer ,or our shiny new XO Deb Grisham on either of our contact pages on the Disco .

Academy Opportunity

Do you have nerves of steel . The eyes of an Eagle and the mind of Einstein? It wouldn't hurt if you were from Krypton either. The USS Discovery is at the moment looking for a solid reliable person to act as it's XO .Academy XOs must have held the position of XO on a mainstream ship for a minimum of three months, and Academy experience is preferable but not necessary . Any people interested in helping to create the great writers of tomorrow contact me , Bob Spicer on my contact sheet on the USS Discovery .

Academy Vice Commandant needed.

Would you like to be one of the people who shapes the future of STF ?

Would you like help shape new people and watch as they rise through the ranks of STF ?

You need to be in the Academy . We have an opening for Vice Commandant now open .

A Vice Commandant must have had three months Academy experience ,

(excluding time served as a cadet), preferably as a Commanding Officer or Executive Officer on an Academy Ship.

So if you're the sort of person that STF and myself needs, or just have some questions feel free to contact me.

Bob Spicer


Needed, one Gamemaster of exemplary skills and super powers on USS Discovery!

With Gene leaving us soon on the Discovery, we are finding ourselves in need of a GM to keep our band of heroes ship shape . Sim lengths in the Academy are three to four months for the cadet training period .The Gamemaster of an Academy ship must be an experienced GM, holding the classification of Full Gamemaster , however a Junior Gamemaster can be considered . If you have any questions or want to apply contact me on my contact page on the Discovery .

Bob Spicer
CO USS Discovery

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